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Shields as Structural Integrity Fields

The goal of this thread is to provide an appropriate place for discussion for the idea started at the link below:
I have already incorporated suggestions made there into this post.

The point is to have shields not as a standalone system rather as a utility for armor, similar in nature to the upcoming static shields.
The idea is to have shields boost the AC and hp of structural blocks by a percentage. AC boost would be solely based on the AC of the block, no stacking bonus, and the AC boost a shield provides would not take part in stacking. This allows for more variety for armor. Hp boost would be based off the remaining hp of the block. This would make shields useless without at least some minimal armor, and would make strong armor hard without shields.

I will leave specific numbers out, as those are irrelevant to the concept and can be tweaked any time.

The system would make use of projectors, each projector would have tweakable settings:
1) AC - hp slider. The higher one is, the lower the other.
2) strength. Overall strength of the shield.
3) range. The effect would be strongest closest to the projector, and weakest at the endge of the rated range. This allows the creation of "hotspots" in the shielding.

Energy usage would be static, based on the settings of the shield, since a system like this does not provide 100% protection, some damage, by the nature of the shields, is going to leak through. I would also factor into the energy drain how many blocks a shield projector affects. If there is not enough power to supply the shields, the strength provided will be reduced to the percentage of power provided (80% power results in 80% of the specified power)

If a block is in range of more than one projector, which one it belongs to would be decided based on the following factors:
- closest projector relative to its maximum range (distance / range)
- if equal, strongest projector (factoring in diminishing strength by distance)
- if equal, projector with fewer blocks
- if equal, arbitrarily

This is the core idea, but there are a lot of possible extras:

1) shield core. It would be a multi block system that could govern some aspects of the shield:
a) AC - hp ratio
b) maximum shield power it can supply to projectors
c) maximum shield power it can supply to a single projector
d) efficiency of power to shield power conversion
e) the shield core could act as a global shield projector, providing weak and / or inefficient shielding compared to projectors

2) EMP absorption. EMP damage would temporarily reduce shield strength. Reduction could be either:
a) based only on the strength of EMP attack.
b) based on the strength of the EMP attack and shield strength
c) based on a special, seperately tweakable setting and EMP damage (maybe also shield strength). This special setting would increase power consumption / reduce shield strength, in case of B/1, it would be controlled from the shield core.

Not all of the sub-options need to be integrated if the main option is implemented.
I will keep this post updated with new suggestions

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