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Battlefield-tactical LAMS

I built a LAMS type system that can defeat missiles out to ranges over a kilometer. All it took was a big long impractical set of laser optics on a turret.
The turret arm itself has conventional LAMS defenses on the end to fight against incoming shells and missiles that do not fall within the main defense's firing arc.

[Image: GExNtzq.jpg]
[Image: NGDltAa.png]
[Image: 3vkXnFU.jpg]
[Image: NQbEepE.png]

For this setup the following are true.
Effective range: Approximately 1150m
Number of pumps: 96 / Power use per second 9600
Maximum capacity: 76800
Number of combiners: 2
Nominal alpha damage: 384 (at 40 fps)
Alpha DPS: 30720
Nominal sustained damage: 60 (at 40 fps)
Sustained damage: 4800 dps
This example setup uses two combiners per laser arm. Using only one per would allow a lighter laser arm, decrease alpha DPS by half, and substantially increase time between first firing and reaching sustained damage level. It would have no effect on sustained DPS.

The first three screenshots are of it wiping out a volley of 100 7-block radar-guided missiles fired in sequence. Because the range of this weapon is so extreme, it is harder to overwhelm with numbers than a typical LAMS; while a large missile volley might push back the point at which missiles are suppressed as shown in the screenshots, the great range means that the system can often finish off all missiles in the volley before any reach it - assuming that the missiles were fired at sufficiently long range.

The system as designed is rather impractical except perhaps as a dual-purpose weapon system due to its excessively high deck space requirements, especially behind the turret mount. An arm-like turret spanning the length of a vehicle and attached near the stern might be more practical; or a spinal-mount laser system if one happened to be using After Cataclysm with its alternate CIWS controller. I'm presently building a thrustercraft that mounts this sort of long-range fleet LAMS defense.

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