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Rebelled Jetnam

[Image: bSMTign.png]
I very rough form of democracy mostly made up of Rebel leaders that helped Jetman out of the grip of Musler. Current leader of the Rebellion is Feri Vicker

[Update 5/14/17 irl, 1935 w35] Constitution established, no political party only independents, elected in equal population region, Congress decides war, 50 total congress members, election for Diplomat by all the country to represent the country (not leader), Military is lead by itself but need congress permission to enter any conflict.
Elections planned for 1935 w37

After crippled by the civil war, the only things that seem to still exist is a few factories and mines from the mineral rich dead volcanoes of the area. Which dominated economy during the the time period of 1920-1933. Before agriculture covered the little land they had, but fishing is was and still the biggest export of Jetnam

Rebel forces turned military try to make up some sort of protection of the chaotic country. They used mostly stolen boats the fortification of the old Tyranny and a few River boats during the rebellion. Currently contains no air force due to the lack of flat ground for airfields.

After World War 1, Jetnam faced a great loss in land to Malaysia a dictator quickly took control of the weekend country taking most of the rights of the people to reform the military in secret against the treaty of the dove which complete removed the countries military. The corrupt dictator, Musler Horitash, quickly build coastal defenses to protect against any future competition making Jetnam's islands unbreakable at the time. However the resistance against the leader grew quickly and promised for democracy which gained Independent New Granada's favor. And in 1925, they sold the resistance a small amount of resources and weapons to fight back in secret. After man years of bloody fighting, the rebel pursued and took over in the year 1934.

This tiny country current sits off the coast of the Philippines (75) and many small mountainous islands.

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