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Avanti Napoli

The rolling of thunder shook the cobbled streets of Naples.

Armoured columns - legions of Neapolitan soldiers atop of steel mounts - flowed toward the center of the city between ecstatic crowds, who blew kisses and threw roses as if already in the presence of victors. The soldiers accepted the gifts with equal glee, filling their hearts with great energy and pride.
Soon enough, they were lined up before the palace, handsome in their rank and file with impeccable form.

Stepping onto the balcony, therefore, Queen Vittoria Erika herself was a little taken aback by the scene. Those doubts she had held regarding the clamours of the nationalist party could be extinguished, and replaced by the same fire as each Neapolitan felt burning in their hearts today.

The cheering ceased as she placed her hand upon the microphone stand. She would now fulfil her end of the bargain.

“My citizens, my people, my nation…

We are assembled here today on the brink of justice.
As many of you remember, our country was robbed of our traditional control of the Libyan territories in their unlawful and barbaric strike against our own soldiers and people amidst our plight following the economic depression which set us back so far, after all we had sacrificed to protect our interests in the Great War.

They have since refused the terms of reparation which the national party set forward to them several months ago - a great insult to our nation and to our forefathers - and something we cannot allow to pass.

Hence, with the recommendation passed to me from the national party, Regno e’ Napule will go to war…”

Perhaps to the surprise of any diplomats in the city, the notion of war today was met with cheers and applause.

A storm was brewing in Napoli; and would soon descend upon Libya...

Uncalculated Consequences
"...I hope you understand the implications of what you've asked for..."

A planning room, plain and functional, was where the leaders of the Kingdom of Napoli had chosen to meet following the declaration.
The strategy - of course - had long ago already been laid out; and at this moment the forces on Malta were making their final preparations before the now-inevitable invasion.

"Of course - your majesty - you must see that we have merely prompted her majesty to do what her father should have years ago: return the Libyan territories to their proper owner: Napoli..."

An ambitious man with many autocratic qualities, the prime minister usually exercised a great deal of power over the weak young Queen. He paced about the map in the centre of the room, as if he not only owned the room, but as if that on the table was already as good as his too.

She sighed quietly, for she realised that he would again ignore anything she had to say on the matter. His party had manipulated her to declare the re-occupation of Libya, but this was against her will.
Vittoria Erika knew she was young and inexperienced, but also felt she had a decent understanding of the worlds affairs owing to her private tutored education in the matter.

This act may well lead to similar actions across the world; an opportunity for all nations feeling the loss of their former territories or simply greedy for more - seeing one major nation of the great war having declared a war of reclamation would surely spark similar acts amongst the other disgruntled nations having been left in the shadow of the Great War and the great depression - now emerging strong enough to walk the path of war once more...

...And who knew how great that storm may grow?...

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