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Iberian Empire

[Image: g63yhvj.png]
Imperio de Iberia/ Reino de España
“Vires populi, victoriam iustitia”

Iberian Empire

Socialist Empire

SHIP PREFIX: ARE (Armada Real Española)

[Image: 5Yu7IN1.png]

The Iberian Peninsula has long been a hard land for its inhabitants. However, it is in the toughest of rocks that the strongest plants grow, and the spanish have managed to achieve great feats for mankind and for their Nation. The spanish empire stretched all across the globe, and it’s armies were undefeated for centuries.

As all things must fall, so did the empire. In 1898, the last colonies of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and Philippines were lost. Both the people and the army blamed the politicians, corrupt and cowardly, who cared more about their votes than for the state of the Nation. Soon, a military dictatorship sprung up, led by Miguel Primo de Rivera. The dictatorship’s failures caused it to fall in 1929, and a second spanish republic was proclaimed in 1930.

However, the republic proved even worse than the military dictatorship, and violence in the streets broke out daily. The anarchists and communists seized land and carried out acts of terrorism, while the fascists and traditionalists gained strength to oppose them. The situation came to it’s climax during october 1934, when the left wing political parties, after having lost the elections, decided to not accept the new moderate government and rose up in revolt.

This move was met by an uproar in many socialist groups. The people saw the hypocrisy of the Popular Front, and turned to other worker’s movement for aid. Thus, the Falange, the fascist party, joined forces with the Socialists and the Communists to put down the Popular Front rebellion. After the fighting had finished, the new coalition reigned supreme in Asturias and Cataluña. The supreme leader, Francisco Castaños, had the control of the largest army in mainland Spain, after the republic had foolishly shrunk the regular army, and most of it was stationed in North Africa.

The coalition’s soldiers, the Red Guards and the Blueshirts marched on Madrid, where they deposed the corrupt republican government of capitalists and liberals, and set up the new Spanish State, joining socialist and falangist ideas. The leader of the Coalition was proclaimed Supreme Leader, and the state was declared a new Empire, which would recover Spain’s former glory. By December 3rd, the new government took power among shows of popular support. The recently decolonised state of Gibraltar, which the republic was too weak to claim, was occupied by blueshirt squads, and Portugal suffered a coup which joined it to the new empire, which was renamed as the Iberian Empire, a union of the whole peninsula.

The Iberian Empire is led by the Supreme Leader, who has absolute authority over all government matters. He is advised by the Council of Workers or ‘soviet’, a concept inherited from the Socialist Russian Republic. The council is made up of falangists, which form the right wing party, and socialists, which form the left.
A great emphasis is put on the equality of all men, and the Supreme Leader is called the ‘primum inter pares’, or the first among equals. His is the job of embodiment of the State, and his effigy is used to represent the Nation and it’s people.

Sueña España, la luz de la mañana
vuelve a despertar tus ansias de triunfar

Orgulloso, Imperio valeroso
que llegó a alcanzar al mundo conquistar

Nunca rendido, mil veces herido
tu coraje hará volverte a levantar

Recia bandera del alma que ondea
victoriosa va gloriosa morirá!

Roja y Oro, amada piel de toro
puro manantial de lengua universal
valles, montes de hermosos horizontes
patria sin igual que abraza nuestro mar

Fuerza del pueblo y el líder eterno
bajo el fiel pendón ya marcha la nación

Héroes de hazañas de muchas Españas
Donde alcance el Sol suspira un español


RP Calculations:

Base Land Power = 2 Land Worth
Starting Capita = 25000 Vehicle/Emplacement Massage
Base Dockyards = 1 (Ferrol)
Base Factories = 1 (Toledo)
Stat point modifiers - 10 points

4 points = +2 Land Worth
3 points = +1 Dockyard (Cartagena)
3 points = +1 Factory (Vizcaya)

Provinces: Iberia (1)

Starting Fleet Max: 25.0k mass
165x C-35 fighters (164x30.41=5017.65)
111x ST-2 tanks (111x45.84= 5088.24)
2x Almirante Cervera HC (2x5314=10628)
4x Churruca Class DD (4x1064=4256)
total:24 989 mass

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