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Independent Republic of Poland

Currently WIP, I can't do much from my phone


Lore for Poland
After the overthrow of the old democratic government a new split government was put in place by the coup leaders as a way to balance out the powers civilians had over military actions and life. This was done by splitting the government into Civilian and Military senates, with the civilian containing 100 senators and 1 Prime Minister and the military containing 40 governmental majors. The civilian senators are elected by only non military personnel, and the majors are elected by any military member with the rank of major and below. The officers ranked higher elect a Głowny Admiral or General to serve as the military's equivalent to the Prime Minister.

The PM is elected by the people and is currently Julia Janczarzka, while the G.Admiral is Patryk Kitazymski, who was formerly in Command of the Great Baltic Fleet. The Right wing part called the "natpol" control both houses, with centrists holding 25 percent, fascists 16, leftists 7 Liberals 5, and communists 3 percent.

The Navy is The IRP's greatest pride, with many renowned ships being put into service, they are at the forefront of technological advances for shipbuilding. And thus, their dockyards are state of the art, including Gdansk Military dockyards, which can hold most destroyers, cruisers, and submarines within its metal walls, and is able to protect itself with the help of a single triple 16 inch gun turret, and multiple AA mounts, this project is expected to be finished in 1940

The Winged Hussars are the special forces branch of the military, operating as an independent unit, capable of launching attacks on land, sea, and air, in most conditions. They use ships which are equipped with landing craft and airplane catapults as part of their standard load out, along with 500 land invasion troops, which have been trained not only in beach assault, but also in general ship and naval gunnery skills, so even when attacked on the high seas every hand on deck is capable of fighting. Their land division is also incredibly skillful, being distinguished by a completely red turret, they are the spearhead of any assault, being aided the the Hussar air wing in invading any area of land. They were established in 1936 per order of the GA

Poland now hopes to regain its former glory and place itself amidst allies that respect and value our wants, and would support us as we would support them.

Land areas, 7+8
6 points used
6 worth
Capita- 30k total tons
1 dockyard
1 factory

5 Pioron class CA
5 KT3278 class DD

45 Panster 2c
Ark's tank

50 PDB87
100 TR116

Defense Fleets 1 and 2, same ships for both
2 Pioron
2 KT3278

Baltic Patrol fleet 1
1 Pioron
1 KT3278

Planes stationed in Warsaw and Riga
split 45-30 and 50-50

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