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Kiwa Kotahitanga

[Image: QXAmDKS.png]
The Kiwa Kotahitanga (roughly Pacific Federation) comprises New Zealand, Hawai'i, and the South Pacific islands.

Lore in-progress--you can see the working version at


The Kiwa Kotahitanga is ruled by a congress of appointees from its constituents, with day-to-day power exercised by a council appointed by the congress. The leading powers in the Congress are the United Tribes of New Zealand and the Kingdom of Hawai'i (both primarily indigenous); smaller islands and autonomous trade companies (the latter heavily European) hold many seats in aggregate but rarely act with the unity to sway policies on which the .

Owing to the strong indigenous representation and a somewhat bitter history with European settlers (particularly in Hawai'i) the Kotahitanga is strongly anti-colonial, and seek opportunity to drive out what European influence in the Pacific region they see as unwanted by the local indigenous people. Nonetheless, they are willing to cooperate with powers they see as respective of the natives; they are affiliated with the Camelotian commonwealth, although the relationship is still troubled by the memory of 19th-century abuses.


The Polynesians have strong seafaring traditions and have seized on the opportunities of Western shipbuilding to expand their reach. Nonetheless, domestic shipbuilding capacity is limited, and primarily in control of the trading companies.

The Maori warrior tradition, while once strong, was much reduced by Camelotian efforts to suppress the spread of Western military technology in the 19th century. The army is recovering, but in 1935 remains weak. Nonetheless, the vast Pacific Ocean is a formidable line of defense as long as the navy can fight.
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