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Kingdom of Camelotia

[Image: 6lrHR4Sl.png]

Kingdom of Camelotia
Albacia,Cambria, Loegria = Briton

“Camelotia has always and will always be a monarchy, one that will not be broken by rebellion or plot. We as the people are one with our kings and queens and they are one with us that is what makes us a proud people, unbroken. ~ High Knight of the sea, Lord Templesmith”

Nation Name
Kingdom of Camelotia


Political Structure

Camelotia is one of the few proud Monarchies left in the world, ruled over by King Artorias the 8th and his Queen Cwenthryth whose royal blood lines have been present in Briton since the Dark ages. The King is aided in his everyday running of the country by parliament whose jobs it is to represent the Lords and Common people respectively. The Commons are chosen by a vote in their respective constituency out of the ordinary people somewhat similar to how Jury duty is chosen. The Lords are representatives of the largest businesses and richest families whose duty it is to look out for business and income. This Balanced system brings the best of all worlds, the kings who are always brought up and tested thoroughly to ensure their loyalty to the country above all else, the elected and un bias Commons allows the true people voices to be hear and limits the amount of corruption possibly by limiting the political career choices making only those truly thinking about the people interested in applying. Then the Lords who make sure that the Economic state is not overlooked, they also take a firm interest in the military.

King Artorias the 8th is a Greatly loved king, after his exalted father brought the kingdom through the Great war, Artorias stepped in so that his aging father could retire. Since that moment he has been just and noble in his dealings and decisions and has been leading a great country wide recovery after such tragedy.

Military Structure.

The military structure of Camelotia has been adapted but mostly unchanged for millennia from the age of sword and shields. Glorious Knights have lead the charge, controlling the battlefield and shaping it to their will, sergeants relay these commands with discipline and authority leading the lines of perfectly formed footmen and yeomen into the fray with the precision and speed of a well-honed blade. These ideals and doctrine have been brought down the ages and are still present today with The High Knights of the Sea, Field and Sky controlling the Knights below them and the sergeants below them, to form a perfect extension of the Monarch and peoples will.
The High Knights of the sea control the entire naval force across the known world using his lesser Knights as commanders of the individual home or away fleets like the Decrian Sea fleet or the Home fleet.
The High Knights of the field control Camelotian Field Army troops with the exception of the Naval Marine corp. Footman companies consist of all kinds of standard infantry available from Riflemen to Heavy weapons crew, Yeomen companies refer to those either on horseback or operating mechanical cavalry, this is also where most Knights command their Battalions from often leading charges from their Unique Command tanks sometimes redesigned specifically for the individual knight, a similair tactic is also favoured by the Sky Knights as it can give them an edge over the enemy, however Sea Knights tend to command the first vessel they were originally assigned to as a lowly crewman or officer as these tend to hold a special place in their heart and mind, often large ships like a Castelon class Battleship are chosen but it isn't unheard of that they choose an upgraded Destroyer or light cruiser as their flag ship either.
Finally the Knights of the Sky Control the RCA including all Carrier ships or vehicles, Sky Knights originally commanded from Air Bases or Carriers but in later years they often get more stuck in, taking control of bombers or even heavy fighters. Camelotia was quick to adopt powered flight into its military structure with its useful spotting benefits for Cruisers and Trading Escorts alike. When the Bomb was invented they became even more useful in anti-sub patrols and anti-ship engagements while the swing toward carrier capable ships was resented by some of the Knights of the sea the restructure of giving the Knights of the sky full control over all full carriers creating the Fleet Air Arm, mostly alleviated the problem as those ships were commissioned and budgeted by the RCA leaving Multi gun lobbyists to spend the RCN budget on ever increasing numbers of guns.


Workings Out
Base Land Power: 2 Land Worth
Starting Capita: 25,000 Ship Mass
Base Dockyards: 1
Base Dockyard Level = 10.0k ftd mass
Base Factories = 1

10 Points to spend:
6 points go to the land worth (3) - Britain is 5 landworth (2 Base + 3 Bought)
3 points go towards the construction of 1 additional Dockyard
1 point goes towards increasing my ship/vehicle/emplacement mass’age by 2500

Stats at start are, therefore:
Total Land Worth: 5
Capita: 27,500
Total Dockyards: 2
Total Dockyard Level: 10.0k ftd mass
Total Factories: 1

Royal Camelotian Dockyards (Portsmouth)

Campbell & Fife Dry Docks (Firth of Clyde)

Wickers & Armstein (York)
[Image: Xx28lJc.gif]

"I'll just lean into the hill until I crest it and can catch my breath on the descent." ~ unknown stranger on a comments section.

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