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Canister shot for APS and maybe CRAM.

Canister shot is basically firing a whole bunch of little bitty bullets at something, like a giant shotgun.

It's currently possible to make canister-shot warheads of a sort using narrow-cone frag warheads and an instantaneous detonation - this strategy is used in some OW ships such as the Straussland. However with narrow-cone frags getting the nerfbat in 2.0 and this strategy having been not very powerful in general, a separate canister shot would be a good idea.

Canister shot components would go behind all shell components except other canister shot and would not attach to the model of a projectile in flight if there were one; they would detonate separately and immediately upon firing. They would thereupon essentially work as more powerful versions of the frag warhead that do not suffer so severely from having a narrow frag cone, this increase of power being compensated for in balance by their obvious lack of focus (due to being a shotgun). Having multiple canister components in a single shell would have diminishing returns.

EDIT: I don't have any idea how it would be best to implement canister shot for CRAM cannons - but owing to their high bore and low rate of fire they're arguably much better fitted to it.

Maybe canister pellets, with a set number of fragments, when more pellets are added it increases damage.

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