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Reactive Nanobot Armor

As one may realize armoring and defending a ship can be achieved in two ways.
1. Interception
2. Tanking damage

But I feel that there are only 2 ways to tank damage with hull blocks or shields this leads me to my idea the Reactive Nanobot Armor.

What the RNA does is a system of nanobots divert damage taken by the block very quickly (almost instantly), these nanobots cannot function without battery power to divert the damage from a block it requires as much 3 times as much power compared to the damage so a block taking 10 damage needs 30 power to divert the damage.

To balance this the block requires energy to function and it won't absorb damage that was caused by melee and infantry weapons it also will only come in hull form you cannot get system blocks that are invulnerable

If you have any additional ideas for this armor

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