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Lizardian.... the Journey to the Neter world! (Quest For Neter progress)

[Image: Gyxwykk.jpg]

That title might be weird. Maybe I change it when I got a better name for that. Oh well. Since my subs suggested me to open this thread for "Quest for Neter". Ima Monklizard. Ya may... or may not know that I already released the videos via my channel in Youtube.

Monklizard Channel
But the one thing I have to say...

1st. I would like to test any of my designs base of my main faction RIAH Conservator Army designs. Like...

-Khirihinza Civil Yard Corp (Naval branch)
-Aldenese Panzercraft Publicity Corp (Ground Forces branch or Tank Forces)
-Ahrida Aviatory Wing Corp (Jet based concept or Plane concept branch)
-Palvacopten Traveling Corp (Thrustercraft, Airship, Helicopter branch)
-Shahza Tribalist Community Corp (Automatons branch, Autonomous branch, spirit machines stuffs as well)

2nd. I play for fun. While I do for fun Im also looking the errors my designs. And... ideas for my Custom Campaign in the future. ( I can say... the map is completed. Only need to finish all factions designs.)

3rd. Not so seriously overcome a hardcore gamer as I saw the other does.

4th The only thing different is... there's a RPG thingies inside the videos I made of. For fun thing to make a little lore between the Neter stories and my faction stories in Neter World.

That been said. I would like say... Im sorry for my terrible broken English in the videos I made. Theres a part might be boring. Well ya know... 1st timer a bit.Wink That been said. Welcome to the Quest for Neter campaign progress~!

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Lizardian.... the Journey to the Neter world! (Quest For Neter progress) - by Monklizard - 2017-04-28, 07:53 PM

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