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(MCESA) Matrix composite explosive shock absorber.

MCESA is fictional as i made it up, although something similar may exist (idk on that one tbh lol).

It is basically a heavy armor version of ERA With almost identical weight to HA.

MCESA uses the teamwork of metals placed in layers on top of eachother in order to create a strong shock-absorbing matrix composite.
This makes it ideal for turrets as it has the ability to absorb and prevent lots of explosive damage.
It grants 10-50% explosive resistance to blocks instead of sharing armor bonuses.
It will still receive armor from other blocks but it's own bonus will be counted as 0.

It comes in 5 variants where as the first variant costs 50 RP per block and grants 10% explosive resistance with an added weight and negative buoyancy of 5%.
Each tier costs 10+ RP and has an additional 10% higher explosive resistance increase.

Explosive resistance does not stack among MCESA blocks.

These proposed stats are the same throughout each tier of block:

Health 1m cube: 500
structural integrity bonus: 5%
weight and buoyancy: 10% less than HA at tier 1 and 15% more at tier 5
Armor: 30
Explosive resistance: 10-50% depending on variant
RP cost: 50-100RP depending on variant.

The reason for the high cost is to mainly limit the use, as to make it more ideal to put them where turret popping and potential internal critical hits may occur.
This increases survivability of turrets whilst also granting a bit of resistance against APHE in critical areas.
It would be a nice placeholder in case a potential turret-popping countermeasure update does not seem to grant you the full ability to prevent the wonkiness of the in-game explosive calculations.

And yes, this thread is a product of my boredom Tongue
Never sail out to far on the daft raft.

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