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I believe that barrel-launched ATGM's (Anti-Tank Guided Missiles) would make a welcome addition to the amount of ammo customization parts. perhaps even A.I. guided parts specifically for them would be able to be added. This would allow tanks following the footsteps of the M551 Sheridan and other armored vehicles that launch ATGM's form their barrel.
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How would you see this happen? The way I see it you would have to use the ammo customizers to configure the missiles (addition of fins, guiding mechanism, thruster, ejector charge).
The downside to this is that you cannot select such a missile at will, instead you need to order the ammo inputs to load up the missile into the ammo clips...
There is another downside; APS guns have a gauge which varies from 18mm to 500mm. I don't want to see 18mm missiles nor 500mm. So you'd have to place restrictions.
You'd probably have to force the missiles to be only 1 or 2m missiles. Any longer and they'd probably beat 'normal' missiles.

What has to be prevented is that such ATGM's become overpowered and will effectively be used in stead of normal missiles. If truth be told; I'd rather see more effective missiles having different gauges.
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I second Eagle here. HEAT warheads for missiles + different gauges for them and just slap those on top or below your main gun, obscured by armor. I dont think tracking, self-propelled APS shells (what ATGM in FtD would be) are a good idea.
(2018-03-12, 05:51 AM)Chunkblaster Wrote: @Lord O' Talons What Anime is that?

(2018-03-12, 01:22 PM)Lord O Talons Wrote: BM effects and docking stations.

---lolwhat Big Grin

That could work for medium calibers if given sygnificant speed debuff, no more than 200m/s and limited maneuverability

I see, wasn't even thinking of these possible problems when I was thinking of this.
Master of making exceedingly large things (I need help).

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