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Microjet Scramble - 8,888 material limit [Completed]

Microjet Scramble

[Image: 23ebdab8f8002b694b77a129c3904706.jpg]

Microjet Tourney - 8,888 material limit. Touching the ground/water is death.


•8,888 Max materials
•Must be a single vehicle (No Sub-vehicles allowed)

Part Limitations
•Balloons are allowed, but please no balloon armor
•No unplaceable parts (old engines, fuel processors, etc.)
•No warp drives
•No graviton rams
•No shields

Weapon Restrictions
•No turrets
•APS only
•Kinetic (Solid/Sabot) rounds only (no explosive, heat, emp, frag, flak, any of it)
•Must be fixed, forward facing

Propulsion Restrictions
•Can use Jets, Custom Jets, or Ion thrusters
•Forward facing propulsion only
•No differential thrust (changing engine power to turn)
•No thrusters
•Your jet must be completely controlled by ailerons and tailplanes.

•Unlimited fuel and ammo capacity
•Unlimited ammo processors
•Centralized resource system will be used (no need for raw-resource crates)
•Each entry will start with 3,000 materials (0% recovered from damaging opponents)

AI settings
•No Lua (Missiles or AI)
•Max altitude: 600 (no spacecraft)
•Min altitude: 15 (touching the ground is death!)
•Max range of 2.0 km (your entry must stay within this distance of the enemy)
•Detection equipment is required (0.7 detection setting will be used)

Spin Blocks
•No spin blocks or turrets allowed

•If unsure as to whether you're doing something cheaty, you probably are, and should scale it back
•Total rate of fire (all guns) must be less than 1000RPM (to prevent shell-despawn)
•No unconnected steam turbines

Match Spawning
We're using w0otness's Tournament Mod:
•Resource limited vehicle designer (centralized resources, fixed starting amount)
•Map available here
•Water only map (no land masses)
•Spawn at 1500 m distance. Spawned broadside, approximately 50m above the water. (Use a spawn stick to adjust to your spawn elevation. Spawn stick included in materials budget.)
•You can't use the spawn stick to change spawning direction (must spawn facing the same direction as the spawn stick)

Victory Conditions
•winner decided by % health remaining after 5 minutes.
•if both craft are 100% after 5 minutes, the best looking craft wins (my judgement)
•fleeing from battle for more than 10 seconds will be counted as a loss (Moving away while further than 2 km away) (This timer does NOT reset)

Tournament Format
•Single elimination
•Best-of-3 matches

•Submissions Closed

Bracket: [Warning! Spoilers!]

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