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Naval Register of the Iberian Imperial Navy (updated)

IMPORTANT: all my builds are rather mod-heavy. In case someone might want to dowload them, all these mods are required:
-After Cataclysm
-Deco Redux
-More corners
-More slopes
-Project Singularity
-Turret Heads
-Dahak's Adjustments
-Spinblocks Madness
-Missile expansion

If you decide to download, please post your thoughts on the design, effectiveness and so on. Any feedback is hugely appreciated.

This is a naval register of the ships built as part of the Nemesis-plan for the new Iberian Empire. All the builds intend to be as realistic as possible, although allowing for some design freedom. The intended time period is an alternate history between the 1920's and the 1960's, although some designs may feature more futuristic stuff, which is usually justified given the history of the scenario.
the part you will skip
After the victory in the Rif war in 1927, the Spanish kingdom has reclaimed a small part of it's pride, lost in the war of 1898. But the crown is weakened, and republican forces are on the rise. Soon, the military junta falls, and the king struggles to find another influential military figure, to no avail. In 1931, the republic is proclaimed, and he is forced to flee the country.

However, the republic shows it's ineffectiveness soon, when in 1934 general strikes paralyse the country, and armed revolts erupt all around, which have to be put down with force. This forces the squabbling political factions to unite against the threat of anarchy and terror, thus preventing a civil war in the verge of disaster. Socialist factions join forces with monarchists and nationalists in the army to take control of the government and set up a new regime: the Iberian Empire, inspired in the ideas of the old romans, led by the Consul, whose authority comes not from gods or traditions, but from the people. Soon, the Empire first victory comes when the neighboring fascist regime of Portugal is toppled, and the country is peacefully added to the new state, along with it's overseas territories.

Europe is in turmoil, radical movements have taken control of Italy, Germany and Russia, while the traditional enemies of Spain in the north grow stronger and richer. Everyone can see the clouds on the horizon. And Spain must ride the storm. The new leading coalition orders the top secret plan Nemesis to prepare for the defense of home territory, and for the recovery of spanish dignity and lands.

The war finally breaks out on 1939, but soon the situation of 1915 returns. The front stagnates, large trench systems are dug, and the armies waste millions of men for advancing a few miles. Indeed, without a way to test out the new weapons and doctrines, the armies of europe have been stuck in the past. But the neutral Spain can profit from this, as it did in the previous war. By selling technology to both sides, new weapons can be tested, and the secret investigation facilities develop increasingly advanced weaponry.

Soon, with europe and the world weakened by war, we shall uncover our plans, and we shall unleash our armies and fleets upon the world, for revenge and revolution. Forward!!

but after the siesta, of course...

Land forces
Air forces (coming soon)

Coruña Class Dreadnought
Castaños Class Battleship

Gravina Class Heavy Cruiser
Álvaro de Bazán Class Pocket Battleship
Saturno Class AA Heavy Cruiser

Espartel Class Protected Cruiser
Cisneros Class Light Cruiser
Ferrol Class Light Cruiser
Farnesio Class Missile Cruiser
Aegir Class Light Cruiser

Agamenón Class Amphibious Assault Ship

Gomera Class Torpedo Boat Destroyer
Levante Class Destroyer
Empecinado Class Torpedo Boat
Patiño Class Destroyer
Lepanto Class Guided Missile Destroyer

Lince Class Corvette
Crisaor II Class Corvette
Perseo Class Frigate
Hoplón Class Anti-Missile Frigate

San Juan Class Screw Gunboat
Anfitrite Class Minesweeper
Equidna Class Minelayer
Barceló Class Monitor
Piscis II RIB

San Andrés Class Coastal Gunboat
Piraña Class Torpedo Boat
SB-100 Coastal Torpedo Boat
Cormorán Class High Seas Patrol Boat
Cerbero Class Coastal Battleship
Daoíz, Velarde Class Harbor Defense Ships
Tritón Class Fast Torpedo Motorboat
Alfanje Class Missile Motorboat
SB-286 Anti-armor Gunboat
Fulgor Class Guided Missile Patrol Boat
Thetis Class Fast Attack Craft

SB-120 Fluvial Monitor
SB-150 Fluvial Gunboat
SB-40 and SB-40 Riverine tanks

Proteo Class Submarine
Narval Class Midget Submarine
Escila Class Anti-Air Submarine
Caribdis Class Ballistic Missile Submarine

Cibeles Submarine Tender
ARE Quíone Icebreaker

Arión Class Armed Transport

ARE Juno-sea liner
ARE Ceres-merchant ship
ARE Aurora-sea liner
Calypso-the Consul's personal yacht
Polar Class Light Transport
ARE Dionisio Tanker

Dédalo Class Light Carrier
Domus Aurea-the Consul's personal monument to vanity and ocean liner
Nautilus Class Heavy Submarine
Doru Class Missile Frigate
Asclepio Class Repair Ship
Pólux Class Assault Transport
Zeus Class Aircraft Carrier
Megalodón Class Attack Submarine
Leviatán Class Super Battleship
Urdaneta Class Battlecruiser
Temístocles Class Armored Cruiser
Ofión Class Air Cushioned Landing Craft
Keto II Guided Missile Battlecruiser
Argo Class Guided Missile Light Cruiser
Lupa Class Submersible Midget Submarine Carrier
Tifón Class Aircraft Carrier
Ofiotauro Class Merchant Submarine
Neptuno Class Artillery Battlecruiser

[Image: 1GpRVFx.jpg]
Apollo was the greek god of music, archery, poetry and the sun. He was considered by many as the embodiment of the idea of one Truth, and later worshipped on his own as Sol Invictus.

A faster and more robust heavy cruiser, built for commerce raiding, recon and for making up the main bulk of task forces. I'ts plentiful AA power makes it an ideal vessel for attacking shipping lanes which might be protected by enemy aviation. It's two floatplanes serve as recon for the task force, and it's long reach guns can damage any ship of lower class than itself.

Main Armament: 4x 203mm double turrets.
Secondary Armament: 4x120mm cannons, 2x triple torpedo tubes.
AA Armament: 6x quad 40mm bofors autocannons, 9x 25mm triple type 95 autocannons

Armor: 2m metal, 1m alloy

Maximum speed: 14.80 m/s

Size: 205x21m

Other: 2x Fl-2 Nauta floatplanes, 2x Dromon motorboats.

[Image: Lym3T2Z.jpg]
Husaria (polish for hussars) made up the main force of cavalry for centuries in the open plains of eastern europe. It was a force of polish winged hussars who lifted the ottoman siege of Vienna, defeating an army dozens of times larger than them and giving the battle the title of 'deus vincit', the victory of god.

A faster light cruiser with tougher armor than it's predecessors, built to lead and protect destroyer divisions and for providing fast maneuverability to task forces. It can take on heavier ships than itself, due to it's extensive torpedo armament, and it's higher speeds than most.

Main Armament: 4x179mm double turrets
Secondary Armament: none
AA Armament: 14x 40mm bofors autocannons, 3x 88mm FlaK AA cannons.

Armor: 2m metal+ 1m alloy (deck)/1m Heavy Armor (belt)

Maximum Speed: 18.70 m/s

Size: 171x15m

Other: 12 torpedo tubes, 4x depth charge racks

[Image: 9K828Qr.jpg]
Tartessos was a legendary kingdom in pre-roman Iberia, known to have great advances in metallurgic industry. From the accounts we have taken from greek historians, Tartessos was located next to what today is the river Guadalquivir. Due to it's location (an easily floodable region further away than the 'columns of hercules'), it's industrial advances and it's sudden disappearance from historical records, many believe it to be the legendary city of Atlantis.

A heavily armored, heavily armed weapons platform, staying just shy of being considered a fast battleship. It provides an effective spearhead for attacking fleets and for leading task groups made up of smaller cruisers. It's guns are designed to penetrate the thickest armor, even though their explosive power may be reduced in comparison to other ships'.

The secondaries are built on this principle too, aiming to blow smaller ships up from inside rather than destroying them with actual fire.

Main Armament: 3x 456 mm double turrets, 1x 236mm double turret (both using HEAT warheads)
Secondary Armament: 8x 120mm double turrets (using FRAG ammo)
AA Armament: 21x 25mm triple type 95 autocannons, 4x40mm quadruple bofors guns

Armor: 2m metal, 1m Wood, 1m Heavy Armor

Maximum speed: 17.80 m/s

Size: 261x25m

Other: 8x torpedo tubes

Attached Files
.blueprint   BC Tartessos.blueprint (Size: 915.45 KB / Downloads: 50)
.blueprint   HC Apolo.blueprint (Size: 708.82 KB / Downloads: 49)
.blueprint   CL Husaria.blueprint (Size: 416.9 KB / Downloads: 66)

[Image: zVfTdJG.jpg]
The Kraken is a legendary beast, often described as a huge octopus, but originally a whale or even a crab. It is said to lurk in the deep waiting for unsuspecting ships which it will trap with it's tentacles, and pull down to the depths from whence it came.

The first working sumbarine in the fleet, most useful as a commerce raider against light enemy ships. It's design does not take into account wolfpack tactics or any real combat, but it is pretty capable of sinking vulnerable civilian ships, and slightly armed military transports. It can move quite fast on the surface, and dives with great speed.

It's defense relies on it's depth, and it's anti-torpedo decoys which it can launch once it detects enemy fire.

Main armament: 6x 7 meter torpedoes
Secondary armament: 179mm deck gun (EMP warhead)
AA armament: 1x .50 deck MG, 20mm turreted gun.

Armor: 1m metal

Maximum speed: 8m/s (higher on surface)

Size: 92x15m

Other: Anti-torpedo active decoys, average depth=40m.

Attached Files
.blueprint   SS Kraken.blueprint (Size: 133.82 KB / Downloads: 42)

Ah! Battleships! Everyone's favourite floating things (along with rubber ducks). Battleships are a great source of fun, along with death and destruction. Now, there will be some which say that battleships are obsolete. They will say that they are too expensive, too large and slow, and that their cannons are not as effective as cruise missiles.

We at high command know otherwise, of course. Obsolete? Not enough reach? Very well, fire your missiles from afar, while we slowly advance towards you on our armored behemoths, shooting down your missiles with CIWS cannons and stopping those that get through with our insane amounts of armor. And when we are close enough, we shall see those unbelievers on their little frigate despair when our turrets slowly and ominously turn to face them, and they find themselves staring down 15 barrels ready to unleash destruction upon them.

Besides, too expensive? Do not worry! We will get back our money when we have crushed all others in this planet, and forced them to surrender! What is there that governments should spend money on apart from battleships, anyway?

Battleships can solve any problem. Why were the walls of Minas Tirith breached? Lack of battleships. What if Harambe was on a battleship? Maths test tomorrow? Show up on a battleship. Why did the empire lose? I see a lot of star DESTROYERS, and no star BATTLESHIPS!!

At high command, our motto is "Apply battleship to the (yet) unconquered area".

So, in the name of holy Dakka, let us start:

[Image: ffBTvzv.jpg]
In republican roman times, the imperator was the magistrate who bore the imperium, the supreme military authority. The word was then used in post-roman times as a way to say 'king of kings'.

Built to fill in the role of flagship for the armada, the Imperator reaches a compromise between armor, speed and firepower. While it cannot match the offensive capabilities of the Olimpus or the Atenea, it is much faster, much harder to sink and much more capable of defense against aircraft and torpedo boats.

It's name was specifically chosen for it's role as flagship: the battleship is the king of the sea, and this vessel commands all other battleships. Thus, it is a king of kings!

Main armament: 4xtriple 500mm turrets
Secondary armament: 8x double 146mm HEAT turrets, 2x 4" deck guns, 8x40mm deck guns.
AA armament: 12x 120mm heavy AA, 4x40mm AA, 4x3.7" AA, 14x .50 MG's

Armor: 2m metal, 2m wood, empty space, 1m heavy armor (sloped), 1m alloy

Maximum speed: 7.30 m/s

Size: 264x39m

Other: none

[Image: CYEk6Yq.jpg]
Pelayo was an Asturian lord who heroically stopped the advance of the invading moorish armies in the mountain pass of Covadonga, thus saving what little was left of roman and christian culture in the Iberian Peninsula, and starting the Kingdom of Asturias, from which the other kingdoms of the Peninsula would eventually emerge.

Built around the ideas of speed and maneuuverability, but not sacrificing a single millimeter of armor or firepower, the Pelayo class is easily recognisable for it's small superstructure and large hull. It's main guns can fire 348mm shells over the horizon, and it's armor can withstand even the harshest punishment. The great AA firepower it displays ensures that it remains viable in modern battlefields dominated by air power.

Main Armament: 3x 348mm triple turrets
Secondary Armament: 4x 120mm turrets, 4x triple torpedo tubes
AA Armament: 6x 60mm double autocannons, 4x 20mm cannons

Armor: 2m metal, 1m heavy armor, 1m alloy

Maximum Speed: 16.60 m/s

Size: 243x33m

Other: 1x Nauta Floatplane catapult

Attached Files
.blueprint   BB Clase Imperator.blueprint (Size: 1.15 MB / Downloads: 59)
.blueprint   BB Pelayo.blueprint (Size: 839.13 KB / Downloads: 54)

[Image: TC8Mi16.jpg]
Orion was a hunter, son of Gaia and Tartarus in some accounts, or of Poseidon. He fell in love with Artemis, the goddess of hunters, and he was killed for it by Apollo, her brother. Some stories say that his death came when Gaia heard him boast that he could kill any animal with his bow, and sent a scorpion to end him, as his arrows could not pierce it's shell.

The Orión is an inmediate improvement over the Ulises-Class frigate, designed to replace it. As a frigate, it's main function is anti-submarine warfare and escorting, and it incorporates catapults to launch depth charges at 200m instead of simply dropping them. It also features acceptable anti surface and anti aircraft armament.

Main Armament: 236mm turret
Secondary Armament: 8 depth charge launchers, 4" deck gun
AA Armement: 3x dual 20mm AA

Armor: 1m metal, 1m alloy

Maximum speed: 11.10 m/s

Size: 87x17m

Other: 2 additional dropped depth charges


[Image: bnEHOA2.jpg]

Crisaor was a warrior, son of Poseidon and Medusa, who was born along with Pegasus when Perseus cut off the gorgon's head. He also appears in the myth of Perseus as a warrior with a golden sword (his name means precisely 'golden sword'). He is also said to have been king of the Iberians.

A corvette is the smallest vessel with enough seafaring capabilities to keep up with a fleet. It's functions are mainly to act as a fast skirmishing ship, laying mines and hunting enemy submarines. It's ship to ship capabilities are severely limited, and will not damage anything larger than a destroyer at all.

Main Armament: 179 mm turret
Secondary Armament: 2x torpedo tubes, 14x mine racks
AA armament: 2x AA missiles, 2x 20 mm cannons, 1 vulcan cannon.

Armor: 1m metal

Max speed: 10.80 m/s

Size: 81x11 m

Other: none

[Image: 1igXi0q.jpg]
The Iberian Lynx is one of the most symbolic animals of Spain. Though endangered, some may still be seen on the many hills and mountains of our countryside
Fast and nimble, designed as a replacement for the Crisaor corvettes in missions where harsher enemy resistance is expected. While the Crisaor may be employed for close shipping lanes, it is the Lince which must be called upon for escorting merchants through enemy controlled waters. It's mix of depth charges and torpedoes allow it to face both submarines and surface commerce raiders.

Main Armament: 2x 120mm turrets
Secondary Armament: 4x 400mm torpedo tubes
AA Armament: 2x 24mm quad AA cannons, 2x 20mm Oerlikon cannons.

Armor: 1m Metal

Speed: 25 m/s

Size: 83x11m

Other: 2x Depth charge racks

Attached Files
.blueprint   CRV Clase Crisaor.blueprint (Size: 129.7 KB / Downloads: 41)
.blueprint   CRV Lince.blueprint (Size: 162.38 KB / Downloads: 53)
.blueprint   FRG Orión.blueprint (Size: 205.84 KB / Downloads: 50)

Very pretty ships and you, Sir, are a prophet:

You predicted I would skip the history, and you were right.

(2018-03-12, 05:51 AM)Chunkblaster Wrote: @Lord O' Talons What Anime is that?

(2018-03-12, 01:22 PM)Lord O Talons Wrote: BM effects and docking stations.

---lolwhat Big Grin

Hm... let me see... Prediction coming up:
You shall download the ships. And you shall test them against your own. And you shall lose

I shall do that.

Ninjaedit: Well, to provide some fairness, I might spawn them all simultaneously against one of mine, because they are "non-historical"...Big Grin

Oh boy, that submarine...<3
(2018-03-12, 05:51 AM)Chunkblaster Wrote: @Lord O' Talons What Anime is that?

(2018-03-12, 01:22 PM)Lord O Talons Wrote: BM effects and docking stations.

---lolwhat Big Grin

I was going to test them, but do they use many mods, because some parts of AC don't work for me, and my ships have kind of realistic firerates, and armor, so they might get crushed

They use all the mods listed above. All of them are very useful, i recommend you download them. If AC doesnt work for you, feel free to ask on the thread, they are very helpful. Or simply reinstall, we are in version 1.2.2 now

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