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I want to see some big lasers!

Exactly as the title says. Just post the best offensive laser you have made. Pictures and stats are appreciated.

Over the past week i built a small 4500 Volume Steam Powered Jet Aircraft. Being a newbie i kept going straight after i killed the DWG and ran right into the Lightning Hoods. My typical Ships did well enough but kept getting torn to bits, so i decided to build a new design.

I built an Aircraft with 2 side mounted advanced cannons with a ROF of 550 for 6 barreled Advanced Cannon firing Hollow Point HE. It worked great except for when the Hoods Lasers would pierce through and hit the ammo storage of the cannons blowing the thing sky high (it only had a 4000 volume)

My Battlecruiser (6k volume) managed to get 70 efficiency in that qualification test, but kept getting damaged heavily in fights (it took out a Tesla and Megawatt). I felt really dissatisfied so i decided to build a new aircraft with less splody parts.

That prompted my laser aircraft. Nothing special about it except it fires triple 3q lasers with 3k damage per burst, flies at 51m/s, and is really hard to kill.

The ship while not firing guns generates around 35k engine power and 20k under use. No shields and a very basic lams system (Still testing) but the thing i noticed. It literally kills most things within the first few moments of engagement by cutting the AI out of it. This allowed me to capture a ton of nearly intact ships and convert them to money. I have lost 1 of the aircraft because the ramp of steam engines makes me feel it should be on a boat, but... i have 500k resources now which means me feel a bit less sad about the 20 material per second burn rate of the steam engine.

at any rate. The ship: i know its quirky, i am really new to this game so this is really experimental.

all mentioned ships attached

Attached Files
.blueprint   Predator-Laser-SteamPower.blueprint (Size: 116.51 KB / Downloads: 30)
.blueprint   Verge-BattleCruiser-AdvCan2.blueprint (Size: 283.32 KB / Downloads: 21)
.blueprint   Sky-Reaper-MediumClass_v1dot21_metal.blueprint (Size: 146.04 KB / Downloads: 22)

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