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[All Factions] Godly Units Buff

Can someone for the love of god make the flying squirrel something to be afraid of again?
Asus Windows 10 1080P (Decent build quality poor cooling)
i7-7700 3.2 GHZ (Good Enough DO NOT OVERCLOCK)
16GB Crusader RAM (More than enough)
GeForce GTX-1060 3GB (3GB is not enough for large good game-play go with a 1070 8GB Atleast)

If i broke something its not fool proof

(2018-07-16, 02:34 PM)Vestromgames Wrote: Can someone for the love of god make the flying squirrel something to be afraid of again?

It is pretty hard to make it as evasive as it used to be, but I've added a radar distraction next to the flare to hopefully distract radar guided missiles.
I hope someone else finds a way to up its evasion, maybe with a pitch or jaw PID?

just noticed this thread was necro'd, hope it's still relevant.

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.blueprint   FlyingSquirrel testing.blueprint (Size: 48.11 KB / Downloads: 29)
Used to be more active
I'm just someone who fails to build anything bigger than 60 volume for unknown reasons.

Have been messing around in the designer and found out that Thunderclap had some serious trouble with engines ( poor exhaust venting , not enough power to run shields and LAMS , generally wasted space on the inside) . After several hours of modifications , here are the results:
1) Fully rebuild internals of the ship.
2)engine power increased from 82 096 to 129 320 +22176 of the electric engine ( 70% output).
3)mass increased from 9944,63 to 13150,74
4)volume increased from 26.078 to 31.283
5) block count from 14.656 to 16.316
6)material capacity from 78k to 98k
7)fuel from 1.221.000 to 1.765.000
8)cost increased from 442.328 to 568.900
9)ammo from 3400 to 6100 ammo processors from 51 to 70+-5
10)energy capacity from 79k to 873k
Barely touched the shielding and the exterior, reinforced vulnerable areas wit HA , added generally more armor to everything where it could fit. Also removed shield color changes ( replaced with surge protectors). Tweaked and added more thrusters for roll and yaw , now has CJE for assist in propulsion ( top speed up from 31m/s to 38-40m/s) ,a few steam turbines for battery power , and internal dediblades for lifting the increased mass. More powerful LAMS ( still continues laser). Changed the upper missile battery to EMP, added laser targeters to small AA guns , now firing timed frag rather than hollow point kinetic. As far as I checked , everything is fully painted and ready to battle. Still needs some better shielding though. Inside there is pretty much no more spare space. As for the battle testing seems to have much better AA and more willing to stay in the air.

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.blueprint   Thunderclap.blueprint (Size: 732.78 KB / Downloads: 24)

With the instability of a major version update happening currently, this is not a good time to overhaul vehicles. It is entirely likely that any vehicle submitted will require major work all over again once the update goes live, so it would be best to wait.

And yes, as mentioned below, adding almost two thousand blocks and / or five thousand volume to an already huge vehicle isn't a good way to make improvements that we can use.

Renthrak's right. Many designs will need redone, though it is mostly ships, particularly the unconditional ones, which need the changes.

Additionally, the massive increase in block count, volume, and cost will likely cause problems getting it accepted. I think that 30k is the hard limit on volume, though I may be completely wrong.

(2017-03-20, 08:32 AM)majyst Wrote: So, what can you change?
1. You may gut entire designs to re optimize things, but do try to keep the block count about the same.
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

Have taken into consideration the recent answers, browsed the forums , and made another attempt(don't want to be spamy though) : now 30360 volume, 432851 RP ,14985 blocks and powered by steam ( as I have been looking through the "design update" threads , reduction in block count via using boilers and pistons is appreciated). Also now it has 220k power (fully ramp up ( 10 sec to get into the air and 20+-5 sec to get to the current full demand)+50k of turbine supported electric engine( needs shields overhaul ,I am not good at them so leaving it to the extreme demand). For the future, can I ask for help in solving the trade-off between not-using-steam-engines, keeping-the-block count-low and upping-the-power. Regarding the recent updates to the dev branch , see nothing-to-very little that would require more than ACB/PID/thrusters setting tweaking, especially to the ships that don't touch currently changing water. At least it is best to update ships to fit new game functions , without the need to fix previously accumulated problems.

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.blueprint   Thunderclap Steam.blueprint (Size: 684.29 KB / Downloads: 27)

The Thunderclap already has an update submitted through discord.

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