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Great Empire of Redava - Fleet Division

Alright so I have decided to start a new campaign on Neter and instead of my usual style of boxes with huge guns I am trying to make realistic style ships and aircraft. I figured I would put of the craft I make here in case anyone wants them. Mods I currently use are After Cataclysm Core and Railings, as well as Project Singularity. All can be found on the workshop.

Now firstly a little bit of background. I have only put about 50 hours into the game before this, and the last time I played it was around July-ish. So all and all these are going to be pretty basic designs as I am getting back into the grove of things and learning the new systems.

First up is the PT-03 Wryneck

[Image: 6ZueOjM.jpg?1]

This little craft is meant to function as a coastal patrol, and interdiction vessel.


Max Speed - 20 m/s
L - 32
W - 9
H - 11


Five - 4 Block Torpedoes
Two - 20mm Oerlikon Cannons

The Oerlikon cannons are part of the After Cataclysm pack and I can not recommend the pack enough. The deck mounted simple weapons are fantastic for smaller ships.

This ship was designed to combat the low end DWG vessels early in the campaign and push up to the next resource zone along with its sister ship. One on one it can take most of the smaller DWG vessels in a straight fight and a few of them together pose a serious threat for larger armored ships. The AA guns can threaten light helos and planes but it takes a lucky hit to outright destroy it, most of the time the damage caused by the cannons will cause a crash landing in the ocean where the torpedoes finish it off. It can take a hit or two from missiles or ACC before going up but concentrated fire will quickly destroy one of these.

.blueprint   PT-03 Wryneck.blueprint (Size: 66.53 KB / Downloads: 12)
(After Cataclysm Core and Railings,Project Singularity)

Next is the PT-07 Tracker

[Image: xwKmIzk.jpg?1]

The exact same stats as the 03 but the torpedoes are replaced with a quad 40mm cannon for extra AA defense. This was made to provide dedicated light AA defense on a small and nimble platform. Three of these can bring down an Atlas without too much trouble.

.blueprint   PT-07 Tracker .blueprint (Size: 71.36 KB / Downloads: 18)
(After Cataclysm Core and Railings,Project Singularity)

These two ships are only really useful early in the campaign against weaker ships and were not designed to be part of a main fleet. Though able to supplement a fleet or perform QRF duties on there own they are at there core support ships.

Last one is the KF-11 Buzzard

[Image: bfKXK26.jpg?1]

A first generation all purpose fighter able to tackle air or sea targets effectively.


Max Speed - 75 m/s
L - 28
W - 29
H - 8


Four - 6 Block IR Missiles

First off a big thanks too Madwand for is Advanced aerial, water start, and dogfighting AI which is used to fly this.

In all honestly this was made as a stop gap measure to tackle some of the larger surface ships that the PT boats could not deal with while larger vessels were being designed. Not a true air superiority fighter as swarms of light fighters will wreck these guys but can hold there own against most opponents.

.blueprint   KF-11 Buzzard.blueprint (Size: 102.87 KB / Downloads: 17)
(No modded parts)

And that is all for now, I will update this thread as I design more craft for use in my campaign. Craft are gonna be designed on an as needed basis so battleships are a bit far off for the moment. Feedback is always welcome as I am still pretty rusty.

Just so you know, radar seekers are much better for missiles in most situations.
The jet isn't bad looking.
A force as voracious as time itself.
A void as cryptic as reality itself.
An enigma as vexing as life itself.
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