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Cirrus has repair bots. Hunter doesn't work

Valkyria doesn't appear to fly right..
Extinction was destroyed by its own ICBMs blowing up on it
Onslaught has repair bots
Thunderclap exhausts do not port out of the vehicle (not sure if this is on purpose or not)
Ravens Nest main cannon isn't firing
Mosquito has repair bots
PeaceKeeper doesn't fly, or appear to have detection equipment
Corruption needs lore updated
Songbird needs lore updated
Corruption is a box with crystals glued to it
Morning star has repair bots
Lazarus doesn't work
Aadsterk has repair bots
Iron Wolf has no detection equipment
Dreadnought has repair bots

sorry, just checkin out some GT ships. a few things I noticed in passing..
[Image: lRfGzDU.jpg?1]

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Cirrus has repair bots. Hunter doesn't work - by Dirtyowlnumber5 - 2017-02-26, 04:41 AM

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