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Blackpowder: Building up from simple weapons.

I upgraded the Hoplite's mines, maximizing their magnet range and tripling their payload, as well as trying to make them lob a little further with an adjusted ejection angle. Next battle, next square. A Nessie and a Coyote. The Volley's guns popped its balloons and I rammed it - that's right, paddle-sailboat on airship ramming - and boarded it. But immediately after, either the Coyote or my own captured Hoplite (I suspect it was the Hoplite) did some pretty serious damage to the Volley, breaking its keel and popping its ammo magazine. The Hoplite ended up dealing with the Coyote - mine-grenades can do pretty serious damage.
[Image: h7rhWSd.jpg]
[Image: 4ZJdfYP.jpg]

Aaaand there's a couple of Atlases coming from the gantry after the Coasal Defense I captured.

EDIT: I heavily damaged both Atlases by adding explosive missiles, the same as the Riverhome uses, to the Skyrurgeon and the Coasal Defense. But Atlases can take a hit and keep on hammering - their resistance to low-AP and explosive rounds is quite impressive, really, though their weakness in meta terms means that that fact isn't very often noticeable. One of them crashed on the land, and I boarded it. The other eventually went down in the water, and I also boarded it.
[Image: 9WZQqvV.jpg]
Its fastest dediblades have 4.0 motor drive and its jets have full power. On top of that it uses explosive CRAM pellets, elevation barrels, and ballast tanks. Definitely gonna add it to my forces.

EDIT: I retrofitted the Volley into the new Intosh-class - plus explosive cannons - and made my move on the Atlas gantry and Sinner's Outpost, deploying a new high-speed stealth fighter in the process: Presenting the Autofighter.
[Image: p9Rdwxd.jpg]
The Autofighter, named for its eight turreted autocannons, is a high-speed streamlined fighter capable of speeds up to 75m/s with full motor drive and about 65m/s with current motor drive availability, powered by three 'pusher' dediblades and armed with eight simple autocannons on two turrets which must fire downward. This is effective against its primary-profile targets, which are the smallest airships of the DWG and other unarmored craft, and adequate for its role; and it reveals a few odd advantages of simple weapons, among them: Simple weapons have no heat signature, and are therefore the stealthiest weapons. This may or may not be a bug.

[Image: ydjb9mO.jpg]
Behold, missiles and CRAM cannons flying towards the town during the initial barrage. Most of my ships took a beating, but we no losses, and I captured the Outpost along with the Seabird Cannon Fortress and the Atlas Retrofit that was guarding the gantry. (The Retrofit actually got stuck while trying to fly out of its gantry - a sitting duck!)
This also means I now have access to APS cannons, to a limited extent.

Edit another: I took several more squares, blew a pair of Swordfish helos out of the sky, and captured a Shuriken. I also retrofitted the Intosh with 40 60-mm advanced cannons (in ten firing pieces, five to a side) in a casemate configuration, to replace its 48 large cannons.

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