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Blackpowder: Building up from simple weapons.

I'm going to try something different here, inspired by this thread - A custom campaign wherein I'm voluntarily limited in what blocks I can use at first.

For this campaign I will restrict myself to using only the weapons and blocks found on ships I have successfully captured and restored to full health; plus the simple weapons and an extremely limited set of other weapons. I will also limit my access to propulsion systems and defenses.

My setup to the campaign will be: Difficulty modifier 1.0, enemy growth factor 0.9, resource given on autoscrap 0.05, and enemy design difficulty 0.40. Automatic detection accuracy is 0. Once I unlock more things, I might ramp up the design difficulty, but as is I want to ensure I'll be fighting the things that the scratch damage of simple weapons can actually kill.

I will keep my startup limitations and ongoing limitations below. Unlocked technology is in bold.
  • Materials: Wood, stone, metal, glass, lead, and rubber.
  • Water: Rudder, air pump, paddle, and sails. Huge propeller unlocked.
  • Air: Wing, aileron, tailplane, standard helicopter blades (no motor drive - for turning only), hot air balloon deployer, helium pump, and wheels. Heat decoy unlocked. Dediblade unlocked to 10.00 motor drive. Small jets unlocked to 1.0 drive.
  • Control: Everything but the general-purpose PID. I haven't thought about what to do with LUA and so won't use it yet.
  • Resources: No electric engines, batteries, or RTGs.
  • Fuel engines: No injectors or radiators.
  • Steam engines: No turbines.
  • Misc: No tacnukes, shield projectors or warp drives.
  • Simple weapons: All unlocked.
  • Missiles: No laser, IFF, or winch. Missile components: Sticky flare only. IFF unlocked. IR Seeker, Torpedo Sonar, Explosive Warhead, Fins, Fuel Tank, Short-range Thruster, Variable Thruster and Torpedo Propeller unlocked. Magnet and ballast tanks unlocked. Target Prediction Guidance, One Turn and Missile Interceptor unlocked.
  • Decorations: All unlocked though I doubt they'll see much use.
  • CRAM cannons: Everything locked. Firing piece unlocked up to gauge 1445mm. Barrel, motor-driven barrel, elevation barrel and recoil suppression barrel unlocked. Autoloader, ammo box and frag pellets unlocked. Explosive pellets unlocked. Fusing box unlocked.
  • APS cannons: Everything locked. Firing piece and input feeder unlocked to gauge 60mm. Gauge increase, hydraulic recoil absorbers, laser targeter unlocked. 1m belt-fed autoloader and 1m ammo clip unlocked. 1m elev mantlet, barrel, and bore evacuator unlocked. Shell components: Everything locked. GP casing. Solid warhead body, flak warhead, timed fuse. AP capped head, hollow-point head.
  • Lasers: Everything locked.
  • AI: PID locked, laser warner and smoke generator locked.

To this end I am using retrofits of the Volley and the starting boat, as well as a single sail-driven airship; I also have a few planes built for the purpose that are not yet deployed due to their use of dediblades. All other designs I use will either be adapted from captured enemy designs or built as I gather more weapon systems.

[Image: LsEMMcQ.jpg]
This retrofitted starter boat uses paddles instead of props for propulsion and is armed with five autocannons. It's pretty basic and not worth a lot.

[Image: wUqufG4.jpg]
The Volley Retrofit will be my initial main ship-of-the-line - almost literally, given the design. It is a variation on the standard Volley that appears in the enemy-spawn menu for the player's own team; its sails have been fixed, it has an engine and ammo processors, and it has a pair of paddlewheels to propel it against the wind when needed. It has a flare system, effective against IR missiles. It's also been equipped with an extra nine large cannons on a frontal turret, and a pair of quadruple autocannons on balljoint turrets for AA and longer range fire.

[Image: 6uRoILK.jpg]
The Skyrurgeon, named for its six 'Scalpel' laser weapons on the sides, is my first attempt at making a sail-powered air-to-air airship. It's armed with two triple autocannon turrets, three turreted simple lasers on each side, and two quad large cannon turrets to damage ships behind and beneath it. While it's no threat to even something like an Atlas, its lasers can be fairly dangerous to vehicles that happen to get within its reach and stay there.

It's not pretty at all honestly, and it's rather badly imbalanced. But it is adequate to take down most of the air vehicles that I am most worried about in the super early game.

EDIT: First battle, at the crack of dawn. Against a Riverhome and a Sky Viper. I'd managed to get one of all three of the above ships up before declaring war and maaay have been a little hasty to do so.
[Image: 4A0uHhW.jpg]
The Viper went down pretty quick to the combined autocannon fire of the starter boat and Skyrurgeon, though it didn't die immediately - that took quite a bit more fire. I'd placed my Volley close enough to broadside immediately and it did so, slugging it out with the Riverhome. I didn't see the battle, but the Volley seemed to be taking the worst of it, so I flew my airship in closer - only to find the Riverhome dead in the water. I believe its detection equipment had been all broken; I think detection equipment is mostly fragile enough to be destroyed in one Large Cannon shot. So I jumped out onto it, climbed through a broken window, and captured it.

With that battle done I had to scrap the starter ship for now for the resources. I directed all ships back towards base to intercept the other Riverhome that was on its way over with a Sea Viper and an Antlion, and repaired it with the avatar's own tentacles on the way. The tech from this has unlocked CRAM cannons (only with frag pellets) and large propellers.

Edit the second: Second battle done with. Another Riverhome, an Antlion, and a Sea Viper... And an unexpected Kalmar in the middle. The two little ones were cannon bait and I didn't bother much with them, and had my Riverhome aim for the other one's turret while the Volley broadsided it again. But then a Kalmar from the next square over that I'd woken up earlier decided to butt in and wreck what was left of my fleet. I tried to have the Riverhome ram it - painfully slowly - and it ran away - also painfully slowly. With few other options I just swam over to it and started trying to take out its turrets - but it had wandered into my territory, and so it autoscrapped, leaving me fairly low on materials and with all three of my ships pretty beaten up. But now I control four squares of territory, at least.

I think I'm gonna put a Riverhome-like cannon on the Volley in place of its front turret.

Edit the third: I raided the fishing village north of the Great Eriwick Garbage Patch and the Atlas gantry with the Skyrurgeon and on foot. Simple weapons are absolutely terrible against even the lightest armor, but I think it could've taken out the Arbalest windmill if it had come around for a third pass with the lasers.
[Image: 1M2z4Og.jpg]
[Image: 8LYztIx.jpg]
[Image: VdMaXoz.jpg]
With this, I've captured the Coasal Defense - and with it repaired, I've unlocked some important missile parts.

I also retrofitted the Riverhome and gave it spikes on the front, simple lasers on the sides, and a broadside configuration for its cannons in place of the concealed flailturrets it originally had. I also chopped off a layer from the top of the shield and moved it to the bottom so as to get in the way of the main guns less, and reorganized the guts of its cannons and extended their barrels for better range, greater firepower and a higher rate of fire.
[Image: yZehBZW.jpg]

Edit the fourth: I remodeled the Riverhome further now that I have missiles. It now moves faster as a result of streamlining to its bow, and also has six-block, three-warhead heavy missiles in place of its shield guns. I also lengthened the boom that supports its shield's counterweight.

Third significant battle, against a flock of seven Hoplites. The long-range missiles on the modified Riverhome took out a lot of them, very quickly; the Volley shot out the balloons of one almost right next to it, so I boarded it. Dediblades get.
[Image: JjCrT06.jpg]

With the threat of Kalmar cruisers a real one, I also designed, but have not yet constructed in the campaign, a new ship, the Intosh-class frigate. It's the largest, fastest and best-armed ship I have thanks to its employment of better streamlining and a propeller-hybrid drive system and two triple 1173mm CRAM frag-cannon turrets, as well as 24 large cannons on either side for close-range combat.
[Image: t9iJJFv.png]

This post ran out of image space so I'll continue in another one.

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.blueprint   Starter Boat.blueprint (Size: 42.75 KB / Downloads: 61)
.blueprint   Volley Retrofit.blueprint (Size: 97.46 KB / Downloads: 62)
.blueprint   Skyrurgeon.blueprint (Size: 70.76 KB / Downloads: 52)
.blueprint   Riverhome.blueprint (Size: 134.28 KB / Downloads: 56)
.blueprint   Intosh.blueprint (Size: 123.86 KB / Downloads: 58)

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