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We're totally in dire need for this little things to be allowed to produce.
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We need MLRS with powerful rockets!

Damnit I just want to be able to use semi realistic weapons. Like hell, a small gun like a 2A28 Grom or something. Make it so that each gun needs a certain ammo that you design and must be held in limited quantity on the ship.

Different types of cannons.
Semi automatic, automatic, muzzle loading, and hand breach loaded. Add constraints to each type. Tech levels go from muzzle loaders to breach loaders to semiautos to automatics. In comparable calibers, automatics are the heaviest followed by semi autos, breach loaders, and then muzzle loaders.

1. As you increase diameter you can fire shorter and shorter rounds from each type. You can have a very low velocity 75mm automatic or a high velocity 20mm automatic. Hard cap automatics at say 100mm which are basically automatic mortars at that point.
2. Semi autos can have a diameter to say 200mm. Same as before, as shell diameter increases your possible length decreases. Compared to automatics, a semi auto can hold larger, longer rounds.
3.Muzzle loaders can be any diameter. These will be able to load the largest, longest rounds as there is no issue of locking a breach against the pressures. For the most devastating one shot cannons, these are the way to go.
4.Breach loaders can be nearly any diameter. These are capped at a point, but an extreme one, meaning that the biggest breach loaders will never equal the biggest muzzle loaders. They are slightly less powerful than muzzle loaders but reload faster.

Different Loading Systems

Ammunition size should play a vital part in reload systems. Short large diameter rounds should be treated the same as very long small diameter rounds in all means except magazine capacity. Rapid fire low velocity HE grenade launchers should be possible providing short range capability. A super long 20mm round should load as slowly as a very short 100mm round. No long 120mm gatling guns like in FtD. They wont fit into anything but the slowest low capacity autoloaders.

1.Belt feeds for autocannons with a maximum shell diameter of say 100mm but steadily lower compatible shell lengths as diameter goes up. Ammunition bulk means that a 50mm autocannon will only hold say 6 rounds for a unit of belt length compared to say 15 for a 25mm. Long reloads after use of belt and unable to reload mid belt. Rapid fire though. As diameter or length increases loading speed decreases. This is only available to automatic cannons.

2.Mechanical autoloaders for say 30mm to 200mm or something. Same idea. An increase in diameter results in a lower possible compatible shell length. you can hold really really long 30mm long rounds or short 200s. You can only hold a few large diameter rounds but lots of small ones. An auto loader will be attached to the gun and then you will have a magazine that feeds the autoloader. This can be a carousel, a flat but wide magazine, or conveyor style, a narrow but tall and long magazine. It can be topped off when half full but operates slower than a belt feed and has an increased risk of malfunction. As shell diameter or length increases reload speed slows. This is available to semi automatics.

3. Magazine/Revolver loaders for 15 to say 200mm shells, or maybe some other constraint. They function as a low capacity feed. They offer speed marginally faster than a mechanical autoloader with increased reliability. Ammo bulk means that only 3 or so 200mm shells could ever be loaded in a revolver or box but many smaller ones could. This system can be topped off or swapped before empty. As shell length and diameter increase and reload speed slows. This system can be attached to either an automatic or a semiautomatic cannon. Compared to a belt feed on an automatic this feed is slower and heavier but can be topped off. Compared to mechanical autoloader on a semiautomatic this feed is more reliable and faster.

Big ass cannons need a crane. Sorry. Breach and Muzzle loaders need a full reloading crew, not just someone to reload the autoloaders.

Long shells (Higher Velocity) mean you need a heavier gun to deal with increased pressures. Greater recoil forces as well.

This system would offer unique opportunities.
1. Rapid fire machine guns could be firing 75mm rounds. This system allows for automatic grenade launchers and mortars without allowing for automatic superguns due to the lengthxdiameter constraints that ensure larger rounds must be shorter and therefore lower velocity than smaller rounds.

2. Semiautomatic guns allow for guns similar to modern tank cannons. Relatively long 100-200mm shells could be fired relatively quickly thanks to mechanical autoloaders. This would be an effective mid range solution. This system also allows for rapid fire low caliber cannons that are significantly more powerful than automatics of a similar caliber but at a cost of fire rate. For instance an automatic 30mm could be challenged by a 30mm semiautomatic firing much longer, higher velocity rounds than possible in an automatic package. This gun could be fed by a carousel or conveyor allowing a couple seconds of continuous fire at a moderate rate or a box/revolver system allowing for slightly faster rate of fire at a very limited capacity.

3. Breach loaders will be the main stay of the long range solution on any ship. They function similar to real battleship cannons and ground artillery pieces. A crew feeds the gun. They can fire large, long shells that are unmatched by automatics and semiautomatics. They have the second widest range of possible calibers and lengths out of all cannons. This means they have many different forms, from small diameter super high velocity breach loaders to full size battleship guns.

4. Muzzle loaders. These are your most basic and powerful cannons in terms of possible payload. They boast the strongest firing system, lacking any breach to lock or worry about. The entire thing is just one big barrel with a dead end bottom. This means the most powerful rounds can be fired from them. They are simple, cheap, and will be super common as they are required for extreme range and powerful fire. No battleship would be complete without these. Even though they are they have the most potential power, they are the first cannons the player is introduced to due to their simplicity, but advances in shell technology and materials mean that as time progresses they become more accurate and powerful, never losing their status as the long range high powered cannons.

(╯°□°)╯/( .o.)\

could it be possible to have an advanced cannon system where you make your own shells and decide the material they are made out of?

Necro, Don't comment on a post that is almost a year old.
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(2018-01-08, 12:25 AM)mobieh22 Wrote: could it be possible to have an advanced cannon system where you make your own shells and decide the material they are made out of?

That's the plan. You can look here for some of the details.
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I liked the idea of splitting the crew into generic and special NPCs to alleviate the crew shortage yet still keep the special crew easy to remember. This could actually be made like Aurora 4X, in that the 'special' NPCs are your Officers and NCOs and you assign them to be in charge of the operation of a section of the ship. For example having one guy in charge of a turret of a battleship and conferring his bonuses to the generic crew working said turret.


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