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Reduce the number of Copperheads ? (On Elites/MdHQ)

I would like to propose something, the copperhead numbers are quite insane and dat number in battle makes it very choppy, and they add no difficulty (Or atleast to me, my tanks are too armoured for their puny missiles)

The entire battlefield is mostly cluttered with them, most of them crash to something, or to each other, or to their mama vehicle

And they are... hazardous to their friends too
[Image: 9tnB2Yv.jpg]

I seen quite alot how copperheads rams to the enemy vehicle, lifts it up abit and then it will ride under the vehicle, flipping it off (If the initial crash doesnt do massive damage to both)

Copperhead bike is quite troublemaker, isnt it ?

Either remove half of copperhead subspawns, or for every 2 CH bikes a Sand Viper will be added as subspawn, Viper might be able to actually hurt something without derping out.

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Reduce the number of Copperheads ? (On Elites/MdHQ) - by mrvecz - 2017-01-15, 11:33 AM

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