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Small cannon parts (AA that isn't as big as my garage)

As I do a lot of WW2 ships. My main problem is AA; to be exact, 40mm are require the 2m mantel in order to point up making them way to tall and 20mm are incredibly oversized or only aesthetic.

Check modding forum ;-)

But the thing is that it souldnt be a mod, I under that mods exist for so thing similar to what I'm asking for, but it should still be a feature in my mind

2 axis turrets?
It's hard to live while the girl you love is far beyond your reach...

2 axis helps, but 20mm is still something to dream about even with that (auto cannons are bull, don't anyone dare argue that)

I recall seeing something about Nick adding modded content to the vanilla if it was good/popular enough. Here's to hoping some of that comes to fruition! If not, I'll start adding mods after the game goes into beta.

now we have simple auto cannons, done Smile

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