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The OWC and aesthetics - feedback requested.

Alright, based on what feedback I've gotten thus far:

Skitterbug - Needs replacement.
Switchblade - Might want some overhauling, but it's going to remain a "museum piece" for the OWC unless replaced.
Scalpel - Minor tweaking needed.

Shortsword - Needs replacement.
Silverstreak - Also could do with replacement.

Sliver - Some degree of tweaking needed.
Trident - Again, some degree of tweaking needed.
Scimitar - Will be addressed when I get around to de-LUA-ing it.

Drones in general - Very little tweaking needed, save for the Agar, which is defunct due to not functioning as intended and doesn't spawn in campaign anyway.

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RE: The OWC and aesthetics - feedback requested. - by StahlSentinel - 2017-01-06, 10:52 PM

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