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The OWC and aesthetics - feedback requested.

Okay, opinions on 'em as follows.
Skitterbug - Feels rather bland and hydrofoils appear a bit slap-dashed on. Would recommend a rework of the foils to something more like the Scalpel as well as altering the setup of the "superstructure" to make it look less awkward.
Switchblade - Very boxy, not quite a fan of the look. Might do well with a more rounded look (though that might end up with it looking quite phallic). Has the same hydrofoil issue as the Skitterbug.
Scalpel - This one looks rather nice, though the rough front area I'm not so hot on. Would recommend trying the hydrofoil layout on the other two designs though.

Shortsword - Appearance is pretty debatable. Could probably be shortened up and bulked up in the mid-area. Canards might need some improving/removing.
Silverstreak - Probably needs little winglets to break up the wedge look.

Silver - Not bad as-is. Wings could be brought in a little and bulked out some.
Trident - Also not bad. Would recommend closing up the central dediblade or making the openings on the top and bottom, since the corner openings look rather strange.
Scimitar - Would recommend integrating the box launcher more into the look of the hull. The corner rotors could probably do with some integration as well, and might want to take a look at the issue with the batteries showing through in back. Other than that, quite nice looking.

Antibiotic - Don't think this one needs changes.
Decontaminant - Might need a little rework of the foils and some more blue paint, but otherwise good.
Agar - This one's pretty weird. While the hybrid is interesting, neither seems integrated the best. Might want to give this one a heavier rebuild to compact and bulk it up a little so it doesn't look so spindly and awkward.
Hovermine and Hovermine Supplier - Don't think these need changes.
Antibody - Looks quite good aside from possibly bringing the wings closer to the hull and bulking them out - they feel like they clash a bit.
Nanovirus - This one's not bad at all. Don't think it needs changes.

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