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The OWC and aesthetics - feedback requested.

Skitterbug: Incredibly plain and just awkward looking. Figures, that's pretty much the first design I made for OWC.
Switchblade: Savable, probably quite easily. Odd, expected that one to be one of the weaker ones aesthetically.
Scalpel: Easy enough to save.

Shortsword: Savable but that weird hourglass shape should go.
Silverstreak: Just looks like a wedge??? Dunno what to say. Yeah, that one was adapted from a rejected detection drone. Safe to say it'll be replaced.

Silver: I kinda like it. Needs more shape though.
Trident: Just needs a facelift.
Scimitar: Good except for that giant box underslung on it. This one's due an overhaul anyway, to convert it from LUA control to something less lag-inducing. I'll switch the massive box of missiles for multiple missile turrets.

Antibiotic: Good.
Decontaminant: Good.
Hovermine: Good.
Antibody: Very good.
nanovirus: Very good.

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