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Please wacth our fan-made movie at FTDJP!!!!

I'm in favor for using this as the Quest for Neter trailer
[Image: Screenshot_2017-03-12_12.08.10.png]

I'm gonna cuddle you meow :3

Great video, thanks for this.
Hell, I'd probably volunteer to help in a Japanese translation on the game if I knew enough Japanese to make a meaningful contribution.
[Image: KfTvtVv.png]

Go Zuihou!
It's hard to live while the girl you love is far beyond your reach...

I also vote this to be used as official Trailer.

Man, its so good.

I'm casting my vote also Big Grin
[Image: 1Mm0MCr.jpg]

Aye, only needs minor tweaks for the out dated description xD
If thread is cancer, run awey quik and let dem otder pepple deep wit it.
-Lemming 2k16 (Inner grammar Nazi intensifies)
(2016-03-27, 12:23 PM)BaronBaconeer Wrote: 8/10 Builds things. BIG things. Will possibly cause someone's computer to crash in the future.

(2017-01-03, 07:11 PM)vinecnt_JP Wrote: Please consider localizing your game into Japanese, and we're ready to assist you if you decide to do so!!!

We, Japanese, also love your game!!!!

Nice trailer, my one complaint is calling LH "Tech Priest". That was what Nick called them when he didnt understand what they are.

Though, not sure what to call them as a short generalization.
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Yeah, if it was made official, you'd probaby want to change the "Tech Priest" descriptor. That's a Warhammer 40k term and I'm not sure if it's copyrighted or not.
[Image: 1cen8H1.jpg]

"Professional tournament manager/resusciteur."

-Skullsploder, 2016

My avatar is from a webcomic called The Archipelago! Go check it out!

Yeap, I think the "High Tech Mercenaries" is more fitting than simply "Tech Priests"
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(2017-01-23, 04:32 PM)Shade Wrote: I think you can basically stack infinite shields in an arc

There's also "Tech Pirates", what with raiding other factions to steal their technology.

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