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Central laser mainframe idea

There's a disturbing lack of threads on this sub-subforum... I'll add in a new topic to debate the merits of a specific part.

As people who do a lot of laser turret work tend to know, there's a part that transfers laser charge across somewhat large distances. This thread is asking about various ways to make use of that part to make a central, heavily protected, battery/charging chamber for a large number of lasers that are distantly separated.

How useful is this? How often have any of you made use of the distance allowance to have a large central assembly to power several lasers from? What are the more useful ways of using the setup, in your opinions?

Generally, I'd have the "mainframe" be a heavily armored block of laser cavities, pumps and beam damage increasing parts. Then, I'd have smaller substations for directing the charge to where it needs to be, along with whatever parts are needed for qualities needed for the function of the laser it's going to. Ultimately, the only remotely exposed parts would be the parts that the final lasers come out of. Would this setup work?
As the username suggests, I am obsessed with versatility. Lots of missiles and advanced cannons for weapons, prefabs for most functions to be put in 'slots' and the actual big ships and tanks being just blocks made to go slightly under 30 m/s surrounded by hulks made of subvehicles.

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