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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

(2018-12-24, 10:21 PM)Otharious Wrote: overwhelmed! All these options! its almost coming to the point that I am better off just figuring the energy i need first and build my engine last D:

I easily built a 1.4k damage laser (shoots twice in a second) so 2.8k dps and got it sustainable (first time with lasers)

But am always at a loss on which engines to use!     STEAM/FUEL/Electric  Combination of a few?

Combat engines and best idle engine?(to move at-least)

well , I can easily say that , of course , the RTG are the most efficient engines since they cost nothing to run , but since they can't be used in large numbers due to their high price , id say : for pure power and no efficiency , go for steam engines , they produce A LOT of power very easil but DEVOURS materials . For efficiency , id say fuel engines are the best but for that you need to  REALLY know what you are doing (no like me lol) . Has for the combinations steam/electric and fuel/electric , I will say that the  best is steam/electric , because a small steam engine can power MANY batteries with a 100% electric engine without costing as much has a pure steam engine and powering only a little less . But for efficiency , fuel/electric seems , again , the best option but that's just my opinion !
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