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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

Finally, the Useful Engine Platform is once again updated. I was unable to keep track of the continuous effort to revise and improve and fix everything, but as far as I can recall:

some engine segments in red zones are fixed - especially the alternate segments, where the piping errors do not show;
attempts at pushing up the PPB figures for the 5x5x12 1288PPF engine, not thoroughly however;
didn't notice until I finally took a look at KuramaFox's UER2, the 5x5x12 engine above didn't really need the final segment for enough gas (the 5x5x7 did), chopped it off to make a 5x5x11 engine with only 400 less power (and thus higher PPBB);
optimised pipe count of the 5-cube injector to maximise PPB figures;
added 'Saturn II' and 'Olympus' from the UER2 respectively to the Yellow and Green zone, boasting greatly increased power density over peers of similar efficiency (but the sizes are truly immense...), opted not to include the even more power dense but also even larger ones (past the limit of each level's 'capacity'...);
added names coined by KuramaFox to several engines.

I will add to this list if I remember anything else. Meanwhile, huge thanks to KuramaFox (as should anyone working on cutting edge fuel engine technology).
[Image: 50157_s.png]
[Image: 50157_v.png]

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