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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

Checked out killshoot's stuff finally. Can't remember if the topic actually said which one was the "Saturn."

That T2 one looked familiar and appeared to be a length-optimized, albiet static, version of an extendable engine on Guaibee's platform that is credited to "Aner Dyfan," which itself appears to be an extendable version of an optimized blueline. With some repiping (and strangely, rotating what became the middle and end segments by 90 degrees), I think I was able to merge killshoot's and the Aner Dyfan's version into one engine that has both the benefits (the slightly higher PPBB of killshoots, by using his as the basis for the end segment, and the attribute of the Aner Dyfan variant that allows it to be extendable). I'll be listing it as the "Neptune" (a planet like saturn, which is blue, seems to fit the theme of a blue-line based engine with a planet name) on the raft with credit to both people and a note that I repiped it a little.

The killshoot T3 engine is quite nice and is an awesome. After looking at it, it seems to be pretty similar to one I made, even down to the dimensions (I think they actually use the same cylinder/carb layout, with them just being offset differently and piped in a different style). The one I put together is an extendable design though, so I'll probably put that on the raft instead. Well, they are both designs that take full advantage of increasing the PPBB rating by not having an extra block of length at the start/end for pipes and/or the engine block.

I'll look at it again to make sure I didn't miss something about it and to make sure I calculated and compared it to other engines correctly, but I didn't see anything special about the third engine on the killshoots raft.
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