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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

Sorry its taking so long. Been a bit busy IRL the past couple weeks. Should have some engines ready in the next few days. I'll make a topic with a small raft with them when I have a few. I'll say it in the topic too, but I will give permission to Guaibee to add them to his platform if he wants.

So far have some updated versions of engines from my old raft that managed to stay useful after some re-piping.

I looked at Guaibee's raft, and decided that there are definitely some really nice engines there, and that thus I should focus my attention on some potential "gaps" that aren't covered by the engines currently on the raft when I can.

Anyway, a preview of what I've gotten working so far:

-A slightly updated ReacThor for high PPBB for a carb engine but which likely requires some building of the ship around. May be better as a base for piping rather than straight use.
-A much more useful (due to being piped), piped version of the ReacThor that still offers 27ish PPBB while still being very efficient at low RPMs (i.e. out of combat) and having reasonably decent fuel efficiency for its output otherwise. I have noticed that most of the engines on Guaibee's platform tend to be lower efficiency at low RPMs.

-A new updated Kitsune engine (fairly high efficiency 7x6 modular length engine). Similar to some of the existing ones on the raft, but it has a different size setup then the others so it can still be useful.

-Some flatter (3-high) engines for flatter vessels. Most of the engines on the platform currently have a minimum dimension of 5.
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

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