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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

I'm pretty new to FtD, and I've heard about this before but hadn't bothered to come grab it yet. But yesterday I finally saw Aner-Dyfan's video on "inline" turbochargers, showing how they can be placed in series instead of in parallel and fed 100% of the engine's exhaust to get insane efficiency boosts. I realized I really did need to come have a look at these designs, because the stuff I was building and thought was "probably not amazing but at least pretty decent" is actually utter crap in comparison. Big Grin So thanks for making this available, I've learned a lot and will probably use a number of these yellow/red designs! I figure 5066PPF is enough though, no need to go crazy and try the stuff in the green section... Wink

After a bit of study of the designs present on mostly the yellow platform (with between two and three turbochargers per carb) and figuring out how the efficiency was typically affected by the differing number of turbos, I did end up being a little disappointed at the low selection of 3-high (or wide) options. Considering how reliant these engines are on an unbroken chain of exhaust, it seems worthwhile to use an extra block of volume to split one engine into two for redundancy's sake, especially when placing them off-center and trying to squeeze them in around large turret housings.

So I ended up designing one of my own, taking inspiration from several of the others, with 3 turbos per carb for 5066 PPF. It's a repeatable design and only needs a 3 block exhaust loopback stuck on the end of the repeating part (and the cylinder collection line closed off by turning a T into a corner), making it require just 2 prefab slots (or 3 if you want an odd multiple of 600 power). It's 2400 engine power at minimum effective size of 5x3x13 (not counting that little loopback pipe), with the repeatable part being 6 blocks long for 1200 power each. There's also a 4 block long alternative terminating section to let you get odd multiples of 600 power (which doesn't need any extra pipes tacked on).

Height 3 designs definitely have a bit more overhead in terms of block-to-power ratio than height 5, and at the minimum size necessary to get full efficiency (5x3x13 plus 3 pipes that stick out at the back), mine is 12.308 power per bounding box if you ignore those 3 pipes. Adding another whole 5x3 slice to the bounding box just to account for those 3 blocks results in a value of 11.428 instead. A 17 length 3000 engine power version using the 600 power terminator is 11.765 PPBB, and adding more of the repeating section would of course improve it slightly each time (toward a limit, in the calculus sense, of the repeating section's 13.333~ PPBB).

It's also entirely symmetric except for two or three exhaust pipe blocks at the very start, linking the cylinder line to the turbos on one side (or the other!), and on the other side, directing the last turbo's output to a lovely centered position (or wherever else you want to send it).

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