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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

I don't know if anyone else asked this, if so, sorry. I am fairly new to fuel engines, since for the majority of the time since they came out, I used RTGs. I have looked through most of the engines, but due to lack of experience and somewhat lag, which slows things down alot, I have been having trouble determining which of the engines are the best, and which ones aren't as useful. In particular, engines that I can get roughly 20k power within a reasonably small area (9x5x12) at a decent efficiency (200-500 at max). I noticed that most of the engines produce too little energy for their size, which is natural for inline designs, but I want some decent energy. A smaller platform with the stronger, smaller, and more efficient engines would be nice. Thanks for any help, and I like the platform and find it very helpful, just a bit much for me at first.
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