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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

(2017-07-21, 12:51 PM)Guaibee Wrote: It has been quite a while (500 downloads, woah), I have lost track of the last changes I have done to this platform, so there is no remarks on the changes. This should be the last update. If future updates render the engines subpar/useless, I'll probably start from scratch.

It would seem that more people are beginning to pick up on how engines work, perhaps partially due to the existence of this platform, and I am grateful that this platform proved its usefulness.

I always found making engines more satisfying than minmaxing them. I did enjoy making custom engines for people's 'orders'. Seeing that people are learning to build effective engines, perhaps better than what I have come up with, I guess I'll leave the job of building better engines to someone else.

I for one made my first (bad) inline turbo after studying your platform. I look forward to an update, hopefully far down the road, where the community can begin a new wave of engines!

Maker of moderately good: CRAM, APS, and engines.  

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