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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

Well, I did mess around a little, the power density of a small hybrid system is terrible - 6x6x5 block, mostly batteries, 3 small boilers feeding a turbine ( so 5? 6? blocks for that ) plus electric motor at 0.25% ( ish, I forget the exact number ); that ended up at about 1480 power for 0.5 material/s. More boilers would of course raise the density but that's by letting you lower the electric efficiency, so I'm not sure there's anything at all to gain in efficiency with that route. The system is great at dealing with power spikes so good for driving LAMS, but that's another concern.

Of course that's experimental data rather than formulaic, but I haven't dug out the electric motor efficiency formula yet.
Poke my boat! mostly pre-2.0 learning & catalogue thread - Update: Heavy & light tanks 07/04/18 for 2.1. 6 ships made 2.0 aware. No more post-processing! finally! but now I can't read the forum.

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RE: Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform - by Richard Dastardly - 2017-01-18, 07:31 PM

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