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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

For battery charging purposes, turbines are probably the best bet.

Power (or charge) density for a turbine/battery setup would probably still be better than fuel engines (small injectors could get up to ~70PPBB, but that's about it), not to mention fuel tanks having an absurd initial cost and paradoxically low storage capacity compared to material storage containers (and injectors will necessitate a lot of fuel tanks).

As for continuous fuel efficiency, turbines are 2000 power per material, and injectors are ~65 power per fuel (which translates to 650 power per material for fresh fuel tanks or 6500+ power per material for good refinery setup), so there is no significant advantage in favour of injectors in this department either. Depending on the boiler size, materials may be wasted in the ramp up time between idling and battery charge load, but ultimately it doesn't make a huge enough difference.

Not sure about RTG power density, but the 0-fuel engines (coined by Aner Dyfan) that consumes no fuel at full load, the Carpet in particular (with the highest PPBB as of now), are probably taking over the ultra-efficient battery charge niche by having a lower initial cost and still costing nothing to run (though I'm not too sure about RTG charge density since it's in the form of discontinuous pulses, and 0-fuel engines generally require a lot of space).
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