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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

(2017-01-11, 11:04 PM)Stiiick Wrote:
(2017-01-09, 06:28 AM)Krougal Wrote: @Aner-Dyfan & Guaibee, you guys rock!
I know steam is all the rage, but I still don't see how it is campaign viable when resource production is so limited, so I am really greatful for these engines that provide decent power at a fuel cost I can live with.

Exactly. Awesome designs here, unspellable appreciation. Thanks a lot for all of this.

Now, about steam engines... Since using a few of them in campaign mode outpace basic ressource production as quickly as a gunshot crosses a street, i don't think injector engines are as obolete as the word goes. In campaign, saine managment of ressources and fuel being available whatsoever are probably more important factors to build a compact 10 000 injector engine to occasionnaly power up shields and LAMS than what might pushes someone to pack 50 000 (and up) power from a steam engine into a craft, for practical reasons.

I could read now and then that some ppl think the same, and as such, i beleive that adding some good injector engines in here will benefit quite some campaign lovers, including me.

I've been fiddling aroung 2 designs for 2 months now for a campaign start. I hope to publish them on the steam workshop sometime but i'm optimizing them atm. Power source and usage is obviously at the center of my thoughts and if i could put my hands on a good injector engine, i'd help.

I was sorry to read that they seem to be sorted out for most.

Thanks for reading.

I feel the same way about the steam, it just doesn't seem sustainable given the small amount of non-exhaustible resources. I suppose if you were good at capping big ships, which gives more resources than destroying them.

Injectors on the other hand, I avoid like the plague. Only on small aircraft where there is just no other choice. I may be too obsessed about fuel efficiency because I'm sure I still spend a lot on ammo so the fuel still becomes kinda minimal, but the fuel tankage injector engines need gets expensive fast...especially when you consider it isn't just the 1 time fee, if they get destroyed they have to be rebuilt. Then there is the logistics support to refuel it, which means your tankers need to be bigger too.

I'm sure there is a break-even point somewhere that the steam, expensive as it is becomes more practical than a low efficiency engine. Especially if you already need a ton of batteries for railgun, PAC, laser shields, etc.

So anyway, for now it's still 1288ppf for me. Anyone able to scale the 1800, maybe a 5x4x7 (5x3x7 would be even better, but Evil_Brick's doesn't seem extendable)...I have the length but I really need the height. I don't need a tremendous amount more power either, 2-2.2k would be perfect for this build.

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