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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

(2017-01-09, 06:28 AM)Krougal Wrote: @Aner-Dyfan & Guaibee, you guys rock!
I know steam is all the rage, but I still don't see how it is campaign viable when resource production is so limited, so I am really greatful for these engines that provide decent power at a fuel cost I can live with.

Exactly. Awesome designs here, unspellable appreciation. Thanks a lot for all of this.

Now, about steam engines... Since using a few of them in campaign mode outpace basic ressource production as quickly as a gunshot crosses a street, i don't think injector engines are as obolete as the word goes. In campaign, saine managment of ressources and fuel being available whatsoever are probably more important factors to build a compact 10 000 injector engine to occasionnaly power up shields and LAMS than what might pushes someone to pack 50 000 (and up) power from a steam engine into a craft, for practical reasons.

I could read now and then that some ppl think the same, and as such, i beleive that adding some good injector engines in here will benefit quite some campaign lovers, including me.

I've been fiddling aroung 2 designs for 2 months now for a campaign start. I hope to publish them on the steam workshop sometime but i'm optimizing them atm. Power source and usage is obviously at the center of my thoughts and if i could put my hands on a good injector engine, i'd help.

I was sorry to read that they seem to be sorted out for most.

Thanks for reading.

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