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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

Apparently this was too long a comment for Steam Workshop Huh

A question about a detail of one of he engines:

Yellow Floor, The one forward of the Centre of Mass, 1462ppf, 15.758ppbb originally by Eagle but modified by you.

From the Fuel Engine Generator block go 2 blocks forward 1 block up: Here is a Junction Pipe joining exhaust from two cylinders and leading it upwards to the "exhaust spine" that goes the length of the engine:

My question is: Since the Junction Pipe is surrounded by 4 Cylinders, why not replace it with a 5 Way Pipe to take the exhaust from all 4 surrounding Cylinders? (and lead it to the "exhaust spine" as currently)

It won't change the ppf (when the engine got one or more repeating "white" segment) but it improves the cooling so all Cylinders get the same temperature.

And it makes it possible to remove the repeatable segment (set n to 0 in 5x3x(7+4n)) and still have the first Turbocharger be fed with >30 gas. As it is it will only get 28 gas when n = 0.

(PFF for the case without repeating segment (n = 0) is 1570pff. With the change it will be 1652PFF)

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