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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

The segmentation of ultra-efficient engines at Green zone opened up new possibilities for achieving 0 fuel consumption, combined with suggestions/requests for 2 width/height engines, led to the creation of two engines using the same concept:
Fuel consumption is considered 0 for an engine if the fuel use per second is lower than 0.05; thus the PPF requirement is lower for smaller engines. The 'Doormat' is a 7x2x3n engine that exploits this, and achieves 0 fuel usage despite having only 3 turbos per carb and at ~3k PPF (at 12 length); the 'Carpet' is a 5x2x3n engine with slightly higher power density while requiring quite a bit more length for 0 fuel usage (21 length at ~4k PPF), achieving 6.667PPBB, highest of all the ultra-efficient engines.
Although these two engines have less than 5K PPF at the shortest useful length, the 0 fuel usage achieved is sufficient for their placement into the Green zone. Further rearrangements may occur when other engines are found to also achieve 0 fuel usage by this method.
The 2 engines, among other fixes, are up on the latest update.

After tinkering a bit with ACB settings, the contribution of a 0-rpm engine to the total power fraction makes it very complex and probably impractical for the sequential activation of several engines for achieving redundance, but it should remain useful for constantly varying power demands as long as the engine ramps up quickly enough.
[Image: 50157_s.png]
[Image: 50157_v.png]

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