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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

(2017-01-01, 02:18 PM)Guaibee Wrote: Small inline engines usually have just enough exhaust to get to the designed fuel efficiency at full load, so at lower rpm the fuel efficiency is likely to drop. With more engines and no ACB to turn them on sequentially, the multiple engines share the load and result in worse fuel efficiency. I guess the subsequent engine drive can be controlled to turn on/off when the first engine is running at full load, and so on.
Anyway, a new update coming up (again full of fixes and improvements, with a couple new engines thrown in).

Well the Blueline I think actually got slightly higher ppf at mid rpm, or maybe it was just where it was in the acceptable range. I might have been using some other engine at the time, maybe with some superchargers (probably the 2800hp 5x5x5 I used to use) but anyway....I didn't try chaining the exhausts from 1 to feed the other.

At any rate, I can't really recommend it (trying to make different engines be on/off) because in battle it can become very impractical. So like 1 engine gets taken out and the ship is dead in the water because the ACB can't adjust itself for that, even though 1 engine is perfectly fine. Especially since the laser pumps either draw 0 or as much as possible.

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