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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

(2016-12-28, 09:11 PM)Aner-Dyfan Wrote: I don't really think you need to extend engines since you can share exhausts, you get good results just tiling them together. Pipe the exhaust of one engine into the next in a long line. This has the benefit of being several smaller engines so they ramp quicker. Also makes it slightly less susceptible to damage as more engine blocks to break, of course though, hit a pipe and the vast majority of the cylinders are going to overheat anyway in either type.

Well the thing I've found with multiple engines is the fuel efficiency tends to drop. For example I had a ship with 2 bluelines, and I did some tinkering with the engine settings to try to make the 2nd engine run only when the LAMS needed power. In the end it turned out to not be worth the trouble. Granted it is a bit hard to gauge the effect of the ramp-up so you are probably right. Nice job on my new engine of choice Smile

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