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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

1288PPF is achieved when each carburettor has exactly 2 max efficiency inlines attached, and I guess it fits nicely into a 5x5 cross section; 400PPF is for ~1 max efficiency inline per carb, so it's kind of optimal for the high power criss-cross cylinder/carb setup where the central carb only has one open face for turbo attachment.

For small jet aircraft, there is no escaping from injectors if you want high-ish power in a small space (either 2 injectors on a cylinder or 1 injectors to 2 cylinders, depending on the space available).
As for scaling up the engines, the blueline-replacement is extendable (the engine in front of it on the platform being an example), the power won't be a multiple of 3600 (but rather 3200n+400, because the extra 400 power is from the head alone... it may be doable if I manage to put the head arrangement to the tail and pipe them through) but as usual the PPBB should still increase with length.
Engine tetris at 7x7 cross section is a bit more difficult for high power ones, if that is the meaning of scaling up (where you want the cylinders and carbs all bundled up together to maximise power density, but still leave a face open for inlines), I'll have to experiment a bit to see if it's at all viable.
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