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Guaibee's Useful (and experimental) Fuel Engine Platform

Hello everyone! After the end of exams today, I spared some time to share some fuel engines I have made and collected ever since I started my adventure into engine tetris.

Here I present the 'Useful Fuel Engine Platform', with a bunch of designs that you may hopefully find useful... except under a closer look, some of the designs I've included on this platform is underperforming. I've decided to leave them on there (not because I'm lazy or anything) as failed experiments, for investigation by interested individuals to hopefully make them work.

[Image: 2018-09-30.png]

The platform is divided into three levels:
'Red zone', where the designs with higher power density but still decent efficiency reside;
'Yellow zone', where the most common efficient engines can be found;
and 'Green zone', the environmentalist's wet dream, where ultra efficient designs are displayed.
I've also decided to add a 'Grey zone' for educational purposes, where I explain the principle behind all the inline turbos on this platform.
New 'Magenta zone' for smaller standalone engines that do not fit in the other zones.
New Black section on top of 'Red zone', with some fearsome beasts lurking... whatever would they be?

Feel free to use the engines on the platform (until the original creators complain and I have to remove them or something), though I know most people have forgotten about fuel engines and learned to embrace steam.

Update: added new high power engine.
Update 2: added a new 'Magenta zone' with smaller engines I built (hopefully I can get other people's designs onboard).
Update 3: added new moderate efficiency engines, including (finally) a replacement for the blueline, made by Aner_Dyfan (with modifications). A new black section appeared atop the 'Red zone'... what are those on top?
Update 4: added new moderate/high efficiency engine, modified/fixed: 5x6x14 at green zone (now 5x6x12), 5x9x6 at red zone (improved piping; now 5x9x10 displayed).
Update 5: new engines at Magenta, Yellow and Green zone, plus various fixes and improvements (Green zone engines are segmented now, and all consume no fuel under 100% load).
Update 6: new engine at Yellow zone, improvements to new 5x5x7 and 5x5x12 engines, various exhaust fixes.
Update 7: expansion of Green zone, addition of 'Doormat' and 'Carpet' engines; even more exhaust fixes; repiping of the inline example at Grey zone.
Update 8: Quality-of-life improvements (added fortress controller for relocation, added complex controller/ACBs for changing engine RPM; thanks to gruntmaster1); improvements to 5x3x(7+4n) engine in Yellow zone (thanks to Draegloth).
Update 9: technological breakthrough on the Blueline-improvement pushes the power density even further and brings the power of the 5x5x7 and 5x5x12 up to 4100 and 7300 respectively (original improvement from workshop with modifications, thanks to Aner Dyfan for the 5x5x12 and extendable version); new 7x5 cross section engines at Red and Yellow zone.
Update 10: Fixed alternate 5x5x(9+4n) engine cross section, added new 5x5x5 injector cluster.
Update 11: New 6x5xn engine and 5x5x2n engine in red zone, 6x5x3n stacked version of the doormat and new 7x7x8 engine in green zone.
Update 12: Changes to various engines in red and yellow zone, added some engines from UER2.

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