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Adventure Voyage II: Wrath of the Sky Brick

Many things have changed on Neter since the last voyage of the Sea Brick. It was time to put the old girl down and start out on a new adventure. This time, there would be no cowardly hiding at the bottom of the ocean. This time, we soar!

Behold our majestic sky stead, the Sky Brick!

[Image: 8H7dQBB.jpg]

The maligned offspring of a duck, a weather satellite, and a Ford Pinto. The Sky Brick is capable of flight...somehow. Occasionally reaching speeds of 16m/s. Its tiny missile launcher has only shot the front end off the ship twice. It has the special ability of 'running away'.

(I did not take many pictures during this time. I'm out of practice. But the next couple hours was harvesting resources and running away.)

Here's a nice shot of my life.

[Image: q9I43iB.jpg]

Eventually, by tooth and claw I scraped enough for a full retrofit of the Sky Brick into something with a bit more class. We are going to fly in style or not at all!

[Image: Y7W1Mi6.jpg]

With a top speed of 28m/s and ten four block single warhead frag missiles this is a luxury yacht comparatively. It can even fly in a *straight* line. Truly a feat of unparalleled engineering.

None too soon, as I found myself in the middle of a five way war!

[Image: 6A3uYZa.jpg]

A capitol, some kinda GT helicopter, a SS bomber, and one of the medium sized DW airships.

Stealthily, I coasted around the edge of the fight taking pot shots with the itty bitty missiles that could. Turns out they couldn't. The capitol killed everything except for myself and the bomber.

[Image: pnwCH7m.jpg]

Time to be running away!

What followed was the saddest fight in the world. The bomber couldn't drop bombs on me and its massive amount of flares kept my missiles from hitting it. After a while, I gave up. And went to collect resource rings while it flew around me like a brain damaged mosquito.

But ran out of fuel.

[Image: lR3oEiy.jpg]

Bwhaha I will feast upon your corpse!

And from it's generous contribution to the cause, our weapons got a bit more bite.

[Image: 8h3fnI2.jpg]

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