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Eagle Industries presents: The Battlecruiser HMS Overlord

Only ran a few fights & currently wandering around inside, got to say I really love this thing. Gladyon's Emerald rather overwhelmed it but then I'm not too sure what you could do to take that monster out! it's battered the few other things I've run into submission.

The LAMS does seem a little weak, I have to agree. Out of curiosity, do doors do anything to HE?

The fact that people actually wander around in my ship instead of only pitting it against other ships is making me smile Smile

Talking about LAMS; does anybody see room for improving on that without having to tear out the engines and replacing them with fuel guzzlers?

Didn't look too much, but I think you have storage cavities? I'm still looking around for LAMS info but I seem to remember the general idea was that you want all plain cavities.

Your sensors need adjusting, the coincidence rangefinders are set to 6.25 weighting for bearing - that happens to me a lot. I think some of the others need a bit of tweaking too.

Yeah, each LAMS node has two to three storage cavities and as much pumps as the engine can provide, I might be able to squeeze some more out of it if I increase the amount of battery storage and increase the efficiency of the electric engines.

Some storage cavities will be a necessity to build up a reserve in between waves of shells/missiles, but I just figured that I might just increase the number of pumps beyond what the engine can provide, and let the electric storage act as a buffer for the increased power request. I'll go experiment with that.

I haven't configured the sensors at all, never done that before. What does the 'weighting' do?

There are some quite reasonably efficient 5x5xn engines around at the moment btw - the 15k power one in my Wolf boat I think runs around 500ppf & it's not outrageously huge. I will try and remember who's engine it is though, definitely not one of mine...

Weighting just tells the mainframe how much the result from the sensor is "worth" relative to the other sensors, when it's combining data from all of them. Basically just set the weights in order of how good a sensor they are, which is both accuracy & how often the sensor updates.

I think Draba's engine is currently the best one for big ships in terms of power to efficiency ratios, and it is a 5x5x2n engine that provides power at 300+ppf from what I recall. Look for the Blast Tyrant in the engines page.

I think I used one of Guiabee's, which is pretty similar. The particular engine build I have is around 420-500ppf in practice in that ship, but it's power use is extremely spiky at the moment.

I'm not sure I'd want engines with such low ppf. One of the design constraints I imposed on myself is to use fuel efficient engines. 500 ppf isn't really efficient, and spoils the charmes of trying to build a realistic-ish ship

(2016-12-15, 10:47 PM)Pyrotech51 Wrote: I think Draba's engine is currently the best one for big ships in terms of power to efficiency ratios, and it is a 5x5x2n engine that provides power at 300+ppf from what I recall. Look for the Blast Tyrant in the engines page.

calling it 'his' engine is a bit misleading. Draba's using a very standard, very well-known layout, with a fairly standard method of connecting the turbos. the stats, form, and performance is basically the same as every other 5x5xX extendable battleship engine out there. He just happened to post his.

also for eagle: 500ppf is very efficient. I realize efficiency has changed recently. But it used to be that 350ppf was on the high end of what was practical while 60-200 was more typical for high-power craft. I know that 700-1000ppf is easily attainable now on realistic engines, but a battleship getting 350ppf is very practical and can run for a considerable period of time before needing refueling.

I also think you're overestimating how 'efficient' modern ships actually are. Most of the non-nuclear ones use gas turbines. These are 'efficient' only in that there are no truly good ways to move things as large as a modern warship.
-Do not bring forth an argument as fact that can be disproven with a 10 minute Google search.

Ok so I put the new one through the wringer. Overall it's better, but the AI is still a glaring weakness.

VS Dissonance MK II - Overlord survived longer than previously but was still defeated by loss of AI

VS 3x Scourge Frigate (360k mats) - Overlord defeated at 97% by loss of AI

VS Desolation leviathan gunship + 2x Scalpel Gunship (250k mats) - Overlord defeated at 99% by loss of AI

VS 2x Malevolence + 1x Baleful Skimmer (150k mats) - Overlord victory

VS 1x Cataclysm bomber (170k mats) - Draw? The Overlord puts out so many flares that the bombs couldn't hit, and the missile spam from the overlord meant the Cataclysm was constantly having to warp to avoid them, and wasn't able to use it's CRAM bombs. After 10min the overlord was on 97% and the lowest the Cataclysm got was 95 before repairing itself back up. If I'd left it going I think Overlord would have won due to the bomber running out of fuel

VS 10 Griften bombers (150k mats) - Overlord victory. Again, bombs just couldnt hit the overlord, and it took them down slowly one by one

So yeah, overall I think she's a powerful ship, but the AI really, desperately needs reinforcing. I'd go for a layer of HA, at least. I think out of the above if the AI was reinforced only the Dissonance and maybe the Desolation (Due to the absurd number of sabot shells it spits out) would be able to beat the Overlord

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