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Move the Gnasher to Expert

Of all the campaign ships I respect the Gnasher the most. It is brutally elegant, well designed, well detailed and extremely well thought-of. It is by far the ONLY ship in the campaign where I am actually forced to use tactics to win, because every single ship I throw at it, except for my recently developed battlecruiser, faces certain death at it. It is also one of the few enemies which requires me to counter with a more expensive unit, because at 200k, the Gnasher is just a lot of bang for your buck.
When doing the campaign on regular (because it's your first time) you expect enemies to bite you, but not to cut your head off. This airship does.

So why is it in Regular? Research learnt me that it is described here as Godly, which I guess it is, but in game it is under the Regular category... So maybe somewhere in between? In Expert?

And please do not ever consider nerfing it, because next to the Thyr it is the only ship that causes me a headache when fighting it.

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Move the Gnasher to Expert - by Eagle - 2016-12-13, 05:28 PM

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