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Multiplayer QfN Playtrough: Feedback and General Thoughts

After a few months of rather irregular playing, I've finally finished Quest for Neter in a multiplayer campaign. Because I enjoy rambling, I decided to post my thoughts on the campaign in general, in case people might find the feedback useful and/or entertaining. Mind you the run itself took so long most of the more glaring issues have been fixed in the meanwhile.

The campaign was played on high-end expert to let more designs show up, otherwise most settings were mostly unchanged. Designs used were mostly conventional ships supported by microfighters, midget subs and a few captured designs.

I've nominated some ships for varying 'awards.' Mind you these were only designs that spawned during the campaign and proved particularly fun/dangerous/so forth on this particular run.

In general:

Multiplayer is buggy as hell: Coming as a surprise to next to no one, playing a whole campaign in MP was rather clunky process filled with desyncs and other bugs, and playing into late campaign with more than two people was a gamble at best. This is a rather obvious one as MP hasn't been the focus in ages with more pressing concerns for the devs, and despite the misgivings it was at least playable to the end.

Death-spiral: Many factions suffer from having a flier with double-jet or CJE setup, which when damaged causes the enemy to forever spin in place. Shooting one down is next to impossible if you didn't bring lasers or AA missiles, and extremely tedious whenever it happened.

It was fun!: While complaints about different issues the campaign has, whether it be gameplay mechanics or whatever weapon/defense/ammo/something else that happens to offend the complainer's personal honor code, in the end the whole run was, simply put, very fun despite general clunkiness. This is obviously a rather important part.


Grace period sucked: Grace was a bad system in general, but as MP reverts the timer to the beginning between every session you had to either wait or play for over four hours to get interesting designs to show up. At the rate which DWG gets steamrolled, we didn't see any. Luckily the grace has been removed after that, followed by much rejoicing.

Yarr: DWG is one of the more iconic factions, which simply put looks very cool and if I hadn't played trough grace period so many times before I would've been genuinely impressed by most designs. They do a good job as the poster boys of FtD.

Most memorable design: Falkenheim. It was among the only non-grace designs to show up due to being a guaranteed design in one of the gantries. A very pretty design with an interesting carrier-gimmick.


Wooden ships and rather wooden men: The same revert-time-between-sessions-bug caused only the sailing ships to spawn. This wasn't nearly as annoying as on the DWG side, as you hardly ever see them while playing single player. Not much of a challenge, but fun to fight.

Funniest design: Bailey. The fastest design in OW arsenal due to being propelled to amazing speeds as it disintegrates after a light tap. Always amusing to watch.

Most memorable design: Constitution. Very big, very majestic, a definite centerpiece to the OW sail-fleets alongside the Huskarl, which would have probably taken the price instead if it would've ever spawned.


Skins for the Flayed God!: While I used to find the Savaage-style ships my favorites among the WF arsenal, actually facing the faction in combat caused me to gain new-found respect towards the Iron Thorn rammers, especially Zealot and Valkyrie. Though they look a tad weird, they fought well and proved to be worthy and interesting foes.

Secularism: Due to entering in war with the WF fairly early, the garrisons hadn't filled up that much. Most of the high-end priest designs were notable in their absence, with the only proper Savaage-ship being a Tresher that showed up just in time to defend High Lorham (and to become captured and pressed into service, in which it later valiantly fought an Extinction.) Barely anything apart from Zealots, Gymnuras and Charcarodons showed up during the whole trek.

Funniest design: Martyr. Hilarious suicide nuke boats, that can cause sudden panic if you don't notice them or bouts of laughter when detonated next to another WF ship.

Most memorable design: Guillotine. An interesting design that scoots around like a bloody madman. Surprisingly hard to kill, and looks neat to boot.


Pleasant surprise: I really didn't have any expectations apart from anticipating some of their more deadly designs when entering war. In the end the faction proved to be a dangerous, fun and varied faction that was a joy to face apart from a few offending designs.

The Doge is dead. Hail to the Doge!: The Total Eclipse special fleet spawned at least three times. Somewhy I don't think this was intentional, what with the boat being the personal ride of the faction's de facto leader.

Most fun design: Electrolysis. The curious dolphining sub proved itself an interesting opponent without being particularly frustrating. Fun to watch in combat. Consolation price for Beluga elite due to looking like some sort of weird bug.

Most memorable design: Cathode: Proved to be a genuine wow-experience when it first showed up in combat, as I had completely forgotten the Lamb thing even existed. Sadly I never managed to capture one as a trophy. Consolation price for Quartz Stone Fortress for looking very, very cool.

Most annoying design: Gamma Ray: Looks like a dart, has no offensive power whatsoever, acts like a drunk seagull and doesn't fit the rest of the high-tech LH designs at all. Those would be good enough reasons for nomination, but it also spawned in next to every fleet ever, slowing the fleet down to its then-broken 5m/s while spawning in water every single time. However the design was removed, so the price actually goes to Solaris which always caught itself in a death-spiral, wasting everyone's time.

Most Dangerous design: Sea Raptor: While I would've nominated the very dangerous Hydrovolt otherwise, an errant Sea Raptor managed to plow straight to the middle of our fleet in one battle, causing hideous amounts of friendly fire damage. Good on you hotshot, you were the first design to cause a proper ship to go under 80%.


Tribes: GT was very fun to fight, as the tribe-spawning kept the fights very fresh and most designs didn't rely on boring gimmicks or stuttery dodge-dances to fight. All in all very enjoyable to fight against.

Space-age weapons: Most of the GT designs fly very high and use Crams as their main weapons. At longer ranges this caused most of their shots to end up into space due to their high arc, considerably lessening their offensive potential.

Repair bot spam: Some designs, especially the very old Foreboding ones, tended to still have their gigantic amounts of repair bots. This tended to cause the matches to last much longer than they should have in some cases. I do not know if this has been fixed yet.

Funniest design: Raven's Nest: Spontaneously destroys itself in combat due to varying outdated features, resulting in a memorable light show and a lot of smoke.

Most memorable design: Hummingbird: I don't know why these actually spawned, but fighting a squad of these in the mountains of Orhurst was very scenic. Consolation price to Rusted Ram in general, as their designs tend to look rather cool nowadays.

Most dangerous design: Thunderclap: Sturdy, robust and armed to the teeth, the flying Bulwark was the first design to put up a proper fight with a battleship.

Most annoying design: Hobgoblin: While the design is otherwise very cool, its gazillions of repair bots, constant need to fly at hideously long distances away from you and its habit to fire crams into space made it a gigantic waste of everyone's time. A Lamb shame, considering how iconic the design is. Consolation price goes to anything that backpedals at long ranges.


Aren't these guys supposed to be allergic to water? For a faction that only employs flying stuff, the bug that causes their stuff to spawn into water made most fights laughably easy and thus boring. Otherwise very dangerous designs like Bishop became laughing stock when this happened. Only Quasar could actually waterstart, and even then it was easy to snipe when spawning.

Meh: I'm not honestly sure why, but this was the only faction that... Just never impressed. Every fight felt the same, apart from a few oddities that happened. The aforementioned bug didn't help at all.

Funniest design: Stardust and Fission: The two keep scooting around, the formed when it rarely showed up proving entertaining and the latter being the only design that really put up a fight, especially against smaller ships.

Most dangerous design: This would go to Dark Star for being a very solid design in general or Fission for being a very effective hunter of anything that couldn't reliably hit it, but in our run the glory goes to Galaxy which caused serious damage to a cruiser by ramming it, almost killing the ship in the process. This was the closest we came to losing a high-end design during the whole run.

Worst design: Dark Shrine: Looks seriously outdated and out-of-place within the SD forces. It also has more mainframes than the whole of Glao combined.


Highway to the Danger Zone: Before Majyst changed the spawning we faced whopping five ships (two of which worked) and three submarines (caught in a shallow pond) on the whole run: Other than that, every single fleet and garrison consisted of planes. This wasn't even tedious, fighting the extremely fast and apparently endless fleets of planes was physically exhausting. This has been fixed after the incident, and for the rest of the way towards TG lands we faced more varied opposition.

Cap'n, we can't see sh-: Quite many SS ships suffered from poor detection or other problems. Out of all the ship-types faced only around half worked properly. ...We should probably get to fixing that, though quite a few of them have already been fixed thus far.

Funniest design: Victoria: This ship was originally dismissed as a non-threat, until it started firing indirect fire over a mountain. The very slow-velocity ammunition made for amusing hijinks in several battles it showed up at. Consolation price for Watchman, which looked like a pinecone.

Most dangerous design: Cezar: Two of these showed up in a fleet which one of our lone battleships coming to the front lines had to kill on the way. The two put up a Lamb good fight before gloriously blowing up. Consolation price for Raptor and Maelstrom, both very dangerous and effective planes.

Most annoying design: Maelstrom: Guaranteed death spiral while also still spewing torpedoes everywhere.


Wonderful spam: The constant tide of drones and larger designs caused the late-game TG to be tough opponents, and all battles ended up as brutal gorefests, especially after we brought our own midget subs and microfighters to the field. Unlike SS the spawn-ratio between drones and large designs was far better, and the whole faction was an utter joy to fight.

Beach balls: Most TG designs that used to have repair blobs still have them, mostly as part of their aesthetics. Combing the battlefield for them after the fight proper was over was a bit dumb.

Drone-carrier problems: Next to all designs spawned with an outdated or broken version of some drone, with some design even dragging a Peek, a design removed few months prior, to the field. This combined with the fact that in MP BP-spawners don't work caused most of their designs to work sub-optimally.

Outdated equipment: The TG ships tended to be a bit curious in comparison to their more modern mechas and drones. Wooden decks and actual cockpits on robots seem a bit odd.

Most fun design: Beggetor: I'm not going to lie, I burst into laughter when I saw this lopsided-looking thing. It just looks so adorable! Consolation price for all drones ever, because watching them at work was a delight.

Screw it, let's give one to the whole faction.

Most memorable design: Abyss: One of the most underappreciated godlies in the game, this design has been one of my favorites since I first found it in my first hours of the game. Consolation price for transforming mechas because seriously.

Most dangerous design: Spite: A reasonably durable (for its size, at least) sub with torpedoes and PACs would be a good design in general, but the Lamb thing only costs 8 FP. A single one can do considerable harm at close range, but a whole fleet will be serious trouble.

That's it. Next up, a new AotE run, finished approximately in several aeons from now on.

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